Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Resoluting! Part dos

Remember my new years resolution post here? It's time to follow up on those goals!!

1) Run a race- 10K or since I have such a high affinity for shin splints and just hate running, a 5K
Well, I've been running! I even registered for my race, Pat's run on April 21st. Oh crap, now that I told you all about it I REALLY have to do it. It's 4.2 miles (between a 10 and 5K- perfect!) which to a lot of you might seem sissy, to some of you might seem like a lot, and to me it'll be the most I've ever ran and It'll be a big accomlishment. Go me!

2) Visit my sister in California with the Clintster- miss her already
If all goes as planned, we're planning on doing this over spring break! Holla! Califonia knows how to party!
3) Go camping with our new stove!- thanks mom and dad!
We haven't made plans to do this yet, but that'll probably happen over the summer!

4) Sew stockings for next Christmas- I hunted for these for so long this year and the few I found that were mediocre [at best], came with a hefty price tag. This year we just used socks with the idea that I’d sew some for next year. Did I mention I can’t sew?
No plans yet. Also hopefully over the Summer :)

5) Finish wedding scrap book- when we got engaged I wrote down our whole story in a scrapbook with the intentions of finishing it with every detail of the wedding. Still haven’t gotten around to that part!
Also no plans/progress
6) Get a job in the nutrition field- for reals. It’s time. I’m qualified.
Progress! I've filled out lots of applications and I've even had some places show interest and I've had one interview! Still haven't gotten a job yet, but I'll continue to work for it til I get it. It's hard because I still love the job I have now!

7) Paint on Canvas- I’ve always wanted to!
Me and Annie are going to do this hopefully over Spring Break! :) I'm so excited!!!

8) Make a wreath for our front door- I have a million ideas I just need to DO one!
Have plans to do this with my sister when we visit over Spring Break. YES!!! And maybe the 39.6 pins I have on my pinterest dedicated to it can be put to rest!
9) Get/paint/make/repurpose an entertainment center- right now we’re using a notpleasingontheeyes table that was from my parent’s house. It also has no storage. Obviously. It’s a table. We NEED all the storage we can get.
Still depserately needs to be done.

10) Write 100 pages in a journal- I’ve gotten into a bad habit of not writing in my journal. I like the idea of setting a page minimum. I want quality writing. I want to remember. [sidenote- yesterday I was going through some things and found my journal from when I was a kid. I wrote that I loved my mom more than anything- even going to heaven. Almost even more than Christmas. WOAH. Hold the phone.
I've already done 25 pages! woah!

11) Choreograph a dance- even if it’s for nothing but for fun creativity! I miss it!
Not done

12) Lose weight- I always said I would never gain the married weight. BUT, I was wrong. Then again, some was for sure from all this holiday feasting. I can’t set a goal number, because I don’t own a scale. But I want to work for it until I feel like my clothes fit better.
This isn't done, that I know, but I think I've made progress. I've gotten some comments that I've lost weight. I've been working out and trying to cut my portions but it's hard because I don't own a scale and I have a somewhat scewed viewed. But I know I have a little further to go. Maybe after my race I'll be done :)

All and all I feel pretty good about the progress I've made. It feels good to make goals and stick with them. Even though nothing is done, I've made a lot of progress. And It's only been two months! I'm excited to one by one check everything off the list! woot woot! :)

So seriously. How are your resolutions going? Have you stuck with them or forgotten? Remember, 2012 is the year we're sticking with them, ya'll! E-mail me, comment here, whatever! I want to hear them!

Hope you guys are doing good! :)


Brittney - The Luycx's said...

Mine was to lose weight & I've been steadily going to the gym..not losing it as fast as I want, but I guess slow is better than nothing! Good job on your goals so far!! :)

Bree said...

That's exciting you're running your first race! My goal forever has to been run a half marathon and my goal this year is to actually do it! I've been training for it, but I still need to sign up! It just makes me sooo nervous! Haha.

Katie said...

That's so great that you're running a race! I've always kinda wanted to do that, but never been brave enough to sign up. It sounds so much more intimidating than running by yourself. I need to make a wedding scrapbook, too!

katilda said...

runnnnnning! i love it! i just started running about a year and a half ago, and now i've got the fever. i will tell you....the first month is the worst. getting to where i could run 3 miles without my lungs exploding was like climbing Everest for me...BUT....once i got over that hump, it was so. much. easier. so much of running is mental! it feels good to reach a goal because next time you're running and it hurts you can say, "no! i have done this before and i can do it again!" just gotta get over that first hump! go go go!

Andrea Shumway said...

#8...go to DI on a monday (people usually drop off their goods on saturday). I found a real cute one and it was...drum roll please...$12! Seriously check it out. And if you want a buddy to go with you (it's kinda a shady neighborhood) I'd be more that happy to!

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

Good luck on the race! I was suppose to run a 1/2 marathon this weekend, but have to pull out thanks to shin splints. Seriously, I don't think they'll ever go away. And 4.2 miles if great! Imagine how many people out there can't run that far- so many! Go for it!