Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's happening

Looks like it's my turn to do the 11 random things about myself!
My friend Lauren from My Happy Thought tagged me! :) 
I promise, I'll do my best to make these as entertaining as possible.

(1) I have a completely irrational fear of being shot in the bathroom. Yeah, like with a gun. Especially when it's just me and another person. For some reason I find public restrooms really creepy. Just me?

(2) When I was little, I was kind of OCD. Seriously, I'm the opposite now. I couldn't care less if things match and I actually mismatch my socks on purpose now. But when I was little I was legitimately concerned about how I was going to match the color of my car every day or all of my kids. Yeah I thought you had to match your whole family every day. Hard work!  

(3) My love of BSB will never die

(4) When I wear my hair up it's almost guranteed that it's not clean. Can I help that I like to save money on Shampoo?

(5) Sleep is a big time investment for me and if I don't get enough I'm pretty much worthless the next day. Seriously, most people can function on less than 8 hours a night, I cannot. This makes me fear for motherhood.

(6) When I go running with my iPod the world turns into a music video. Cars adapt personalities who usually cheer me on. Unless they're trucks. I like trucks but for some reason they always take on a mean persona.
The theme is usually something like this.

(7) Being a mom scares the crap out of me. It's a big responsibility and I want to do a really awesome job with those bomb babies we're gonna have.

(8) I get grossed out when you sit on a chair after someone and it's warm. When I know someone is going to be coming to give me a break at work soon, I try to stand up for awhile to give the chair a chance to cool down so it won't be warm and they won't think I'm gross.

(9) I love Clint and all...but this is really close.


(10) I actually don't like dessert that much. Even when I was little (on the rare occasion we actually had dessert) when other people had dessert I usually wanted another scoop of potatoes or something. Actually, on Thanksgiving this year when everyone was having their pie and icecream I had another roll. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE a good cookie every now and then and I get chocolate cravings just like the next girl, but I'm definitely a food person over a sweets girl.

(11) My profile got approved!!!

You can go here to read more about me and why I think the way I do!!

By golly this was more fun than I thought it'd be! 

Let's see...who to tag!  
Annie @ Annie and Chase Richardson (I can't find your blog right now Annie!)
Katie @ Sparky
Katie @ Katilda

And YOU if you haven't done it yet! And sorry if I've tagged you and you've already done it. I'm really behind.

Hope you all have a kick butt weekend!


Carlie said...

Number 8 is hilarious. But it is so true. Same with toilet seats...that's why I either squat or use paper (even if it is at a friends house, but only if another person used right before).

Gentri said...

Oh my goodness! #9 is fantastic!!! hahaha! and I am the SAME way with chairs! So gross.

Bree said...

Haha I'm so glad there are other people out there like me!! I totally do the same thing when I run, it's definitely my dream to eat without getting fat, I always go for more mashed potatoes over dessert, and I'm pretty much terrified to have babies and not get enough sleep, I seriously can not function!!

Kaycie- Redhead Memories said...

I have the same irrational bathroom fear! Even if there's no one in there, I feel like the murderer is hiding somewhere... Haha anyway, I'm excited to write mine now!!

Cindy said...

Hahah Alexis, I LOVE number 3 and 9!! So true! And really, BSB will never die in our hearts. Word up. hahaha

Megan said...

I love this...BSB forever! Haha. I so wish that I wasn't a dessert person. But I am! I can eat a huge dinner and be stuffed to the brim, and still want dessert. Ugh.

Thanks for tagging me!

Courtney B said...

This makes me love you even more!! When in the heck are we going to meet??
And seriously... you'll be the coolest/best mom EVER!

:: ashley :: said...

this was a great way to get to know you better alexis! loved it!

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

hahah, I am with you on so many of these things- BSB, saving money on shampoo, previously being OCD, and that ecard! HA! That ecard is to true!

Thanks for a good laugh :) and happy Friday!


Katie said...

I am freaked out about the needing-eight-hours-of-sleep-and-motherhood thing, too! Ahh. I might go a little crazy...I guess we'll see. And so happy you still love BSB, too :) Thanks for tagging me! I will do this ASAP.

Shalyn said...

Okay seriously...I have never thought about the warm chair thing and now I am very bothered. That really is gross now that I think about it, ha- thanks so much for that!

And thanks for thinking of me for this, your the best!

Megan said...

oh my gosh I was dying laughing at all of your answers! so freaking hilarious!! I can't wait to meet you soon when I move to AZ!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)