Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lets try again!

So I just wrote this crazy long post about how frustrated I am at the stinkin head of the department that I went to complain to about my incidence with the teacher and my anxiety attack. She is bad. And he was rude. I don't like being disrepected. But after leaving it up for about an hour, I've decided to delete it. Something didn't sit right about posting something so negative. I'm not a negative person, but you wouldn't have guessed it by that post. Instead, I'll leave you with an excerpt:

Do you ever feel like the value of kindness is going down? That it's more important now to be tough than it is to be empathetic? That this is every man on their own? That sympathy is replaced with apathy and a "that's not my problem" attitude? That compassion is associated with being weak?
Usually I would tell you that that's not true. The world is a beautiful place and people are kind. However, today, I feel like the answer to the above questions is a big YES.

And I hate feeling like that.
I've always had a sensitive spirit. I feel things deeply. I love completely and fill my life with my passions. I'm sensitive to the needs of others. I'm sensitive to yelling and contention. I'm sensitive to harsh critisism. I'm sensitive to things I know are wrong. I'm just sensitive. I used to think this was (for the most part at least) a good thing. It kept me on the right track. Now I just feel outdated.
That about encompasses my feelings today. Like kindness is outdated. You have to be tough and cut throat to make it. Maybe sometime you'll get me drunk enough [on dr. pepper of course, I don't drink. duh] to tell you some of the awful things he said to me. Instead, I'll tell you to check out my guest post on Lissa's blog :) I adore her. Maybe someday when I grow up I'll be more like her!


Vivian said...

You are NOT outdated! I used to be a lot more sensitive and then rough people and rough experiences turned me a little bit cynical.(not good-not what my children need) I sort of wish I would just go back to my sensible stages.

Emma Frances said...

Holy crap! I can't believe that they didn't even do anything about it! I'm so sorry! And I think that being sensitive is definitely a good thing in the end. I'll keep you in my prayers! :]

Adelyn said...

I totally lost it when I got to the whole 'drunk on dr. pepper of course, I don't drink. duh.' Not sure that was the point of the post. But you made my stressful day start out with a laugh. So thank you. :)

Whitney & Devin said...

Some people are just mean! And thats all they will ever be. Don't let that get you down- I just feel sorry for those people. Chin up girl!

karajean said...

Hope you don't mind... but I kinda maybe already read the ENTIRE contents of your other post! It didn't bother me at all, you had a right to be frustrated! But this one does seem more like you :)

Hope you have a good weekend... I'll be texting you later today! Wooo!

Annie said...

I hear ya! Seriously. It's terrible how little people care about any body else these days.
It's all those people that lied about their grandma dying so they could skip class to go snowboard and things like that, that have ruined it for the rest of us. No one cares, no one believes you. It's such a sad day.
I also feel like I have become more sensitive to violence and other things like that, even in movies. I can't watch some shows/movies that I used to be able to watch.

_kArLy[*] said...

What the?? It's true, kindness is outdated! Well, its not, but it seems like it is! It's sad! Love the blog!

Carlie said...

I'm sorry he was so mean! Sometimes it really does seem kindness is outdated, but even though I just read your blog, I still think you're great, and don't let either of them get you down!

Ariana said...

So, I follow your blog in Google reader, so when I went to comment on your post "Take Two" it said it wasn't there.. just fyi :)

But what I wannnted to comment about was this: I completely agree. I always love reading your "wordy" posts, because they're always so deep, personal and you speak the truth! I watched Pay It Forward yesterday and I frequently found myself smirking like 'that would never happen' but really - it should! I like what you said about kindness almost feeling outdated. LET'S BRING IT BACK! Wooooo!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

I'm sorry they're being so lame! Why can't everyone just BE kind? Really, it's not that hard. And it's so much easier to be nice. That's what I don't get. Plus if you are, people like you. It seems like a no brainer to me! People are weird. That is what I have come to conclude! I hope it gets better for you!