Saturday, April 23, 2011

Five Dates Under a Dollar

Okay, not all of these ideas will be under a dollar [some are also cheaper!], but it was a cool name. Call it "ten cheap dates" if that's your style.

(1) Finger painting.
 You can come up with a theme that fits your style. It's more fun if you have a prompt, like "things that make you happy". Have one person paint while the other person guesses. This way it's kind of like pictionary too!
(2) Ice blocking.
Don't know what it is? Go to a gas station, buy a block of ice. Go to a grassy hill. Place ice block on grass, then towel on block, then bum on towel. Give yourself a little push and slide on down!
(3) Movie Night.
I did this with my man here. Bring your laptop, red box a movie, and go to some place romantic. Take it into the dessert, on top of a mountain, in your backyard, set up a tent, make a blanket tent, whatever. It's a much more fun way to watch a movie.
(4) Volunteer.
I also talked about that in the post I linked to just above. The best part? It's 100% free! Need some more specific ideas? Look into your local foodbank, homeless shelter, salvation army, whatever. A lot of community agencies feed the homeless dinners and need volunteers. Plus the two of you bond over warm fuzzies.
(5) Throw back night.
Take a trip down memory lane. Eat PB&Js, fruit snacks, mac and cheese- whatever your favorite childhood snack was. Share memories, traditions, home videos, and most of all, pictures with your significant other.

Okay, this should get you guys started! Thinking of 5 cheap dates in 5 minutes is harder than it seems. I'll brainstorm some better ones and keep you guys posted!
I love dating!

Also, don't forget to remember Christ in your holiday celebrations. I believe in Christ. They say the degree of your conversion can be measured by how you treat others. Remember Christ, follow him, and go be kind!
p.s. my brother is coming for the holidays and I'm SO excited!


AndreaCook said...

love this!!

Katie said...

I absolutely love this post!! :) We're always trying to find fun (cheap) things to do for date nights.


Becca said...

i love that you make sure and still go on dates, keep it up and don't stop! sometimes even perusing target with a bag of popcorn and a slurpee can be a date too! hahaha happy easter girl!

Mrs. C said...

LOVE this post! Have a great weekend! =)

Megan said...

These are the best ideas ever!! This post is getting bookmarked, love! Can we meet in real life one day?? I totally think that we'd be bff. : )

PS: I definitely mean that in a non creepy way. Haha.