Monday, April 25, 2011

Playing catch up.

I feel like I never blog from home, which means minimal pictures and not much catching up. It's time to change that. 

 Picture overload? 
Possibly- but I couldn't help it. 
Nothing is cuter than yellow rain boots and umbrellas. 
Spolier alert: we took our wedding pictures on Friday. I might have brought these items to pair with my big white dress. Don't copy my idea. Or do, because it's a great one. Want to see the pictures? Too bad. You must wait. It was awesome, but a minor disaster- typical for weddings right? We decided to take pictures at the Mesa Temple at 5:00pm on a Friday night...EASTER WEEKEND! It was PACKED. We hardly got any pictures. There were other things that went wrong that seemed like a big deal then, that I don't really care about now. I'm hoping to take more exciting pictures the day of the wedding. 
Why did we take them so early?
Lots of reasons: (1) it gets insanely hot in the next month (2) our photographer was booked for other closer dates we looked into (3) pictures are so crazy, having it done takes off a lot of stress (4) I'm not so traditional and it doesn't bother me a bit that he saw me in my dress before.

After we did our pictures we changed and then headed Taylor and Thomas' reception! They're my good friends and it was absolutely gorgeous! I even convinced Clint to dance with me. And you know what? I don't think he hated it. We called it an early night and went to bed after that.

Saturday, I worked all day like I always do. 8-5. Then I rushed home, showered, and headed to Tia's bachelorette party.

 Isn't she beautiful? She get's married the week before me and Clint. 26 days, BTW!

I only stayed for a half an hour because Clint was dying to go to the Easter Pageant. After rushing from the party to a Dominos impossible to find, dealing with some old grumpy men, paying $15 for a $6 pizza, being hit on by two smelly obese teenage boys, and then fighting off the pageant traffic, I finally found Clint. I might have been a little grumpy for 60 seconds. This picture was taken after 61 seconds.
 The pageant was beautiful and I'm glad we were able to attend.

On Sunday we went to our ward's special Easter program. I had my 2nd interview for my temple recommend (I can get them out any time and am dying to ASAP). We had linger longer, and then went to Temple prep. We spend Easter with my family. I wish I had a picture of everyone, but I don't Here's a few snipets.
 My twin brothers hanging with Max! Lane came in town for the holidays!

Confession: I'm a baby hog.
 Clint thinks I look good with a baby or something so he snapped a few pictures :)
 That's my best friend Brittany in the background. If any boys read this, yes. She is single. Leave your name, number, and SSN in the comment box and I'll get back to you.

 He is so precious! He's just starting to smile! 

Even though everyone could still not come, it was good to spend Easter with most of my family. I think my whole family only gets together like 3 times a year!

Okay, tomorrow I'm going to try to get all the info and post about those volunteering opportunities I was telling you guys about. Some doors have recently opened and I'm flippin excited about it! I love that you guys loved the date ideas. I'll keep more coming! :)



ashley @ divorced and 21 said...

i heart this entire post!

brittany said...

Alexis!are you trying to set me up via blog? that's like one step away from internet dating!lol hopefully im not to that point yet haha
love you bunches!:)

Gentri said...

I CAN NOT wait to see your pictures!! It'll be soooo cute and different with the boots and umbrella! :)

Megan said...

You are so adorable! I love the yellow boots and umbrella! Can't wait to see the pictures!

The Soul Anchor said...

This is great! It looks like a wonderful weekend. I can't wait to see your pictures. I've never heard of taking pictures so early, but that's great that you found something that works out for you guys. :-)

Becca and Derek said...

Thanks for the comment- you are awesome! Check out more about my life, fashion, and home design at my blog! You're too cute!

Stephanie and Such said...

Umm I love your blog!
Your shirt? Yes please.
Your umbrella? Yes please.
Sunshine? send it my way!!

New follower :)


S and O said...

Awwww he's soooo little and cute!
love your pictures -- those rain boots are totally adorable!

Kelsey said...

cutie patootie pictures!!! xoxo

Monique said...

This baby is soooo cute!!

Monique xx

Kara said...

The temple was packed when we took our pictures too. In some pictures you can see crowds of people behind us. And it was cloudy with no sun and I was stressing up until the moment pictures started. But I loved them, and everything worked out. Pretty much true of the entire engagement process.

Alexa Mae said...

So so cute! I love your idea! And I love TIA!! I grew up with her! She is darling and so are you.