Thursday, April 21, 2011


Some images may not be suitable for younger audiences, or older audiences who still believe babies come from the stork. Also, photo overload. Fair warning.
This lovely lady [along with so many other great friends] worked hard to throw me my bridal shower on Saturday.

Go ahead and try to tell me this girl is not gorgeous. If you do, I'll probably punch you. It could be worse. Alyssa could punch you. She could probably give sasquatch a dead arm. If you were at my bridal shower and weren't sure what the screaming coming from the other room was...yep, you guessed it!

I know, she looks innocent right? Don't be fooled!
 These two ladies helped out a ton too! Along with my lovely bridesmaids (Jenna, Angela, Brittany and Nicki), Carolee, my sister in law, and so many others! I can't tell you all enough how much I appreciate you helping make my day special! It meant so much to me to have so many people I love gathered to support me! Shoot, you guys are gonna make me cry!

First we did a game where I had to chew a piece of gum for every pre-recorded answer of Clint's I got wrong.
Apparently I don't know him as well as I thought I did. Just kidding. The questions were rigged. I know the important things! It's funny, because just before Clint and I were talking about how even though there might be a lot of other people out there who know more "facts" about us, we know each other better than any one else and always will. [go ahead and oh and ah].

THEN, it was presents time!
Clint was ridiculously happy about these collapsable measuing cups. When it came up, Melody automatically asked "Is he an engineer?" Yup. Sure is friends! Try mixing an aritist and an engineer together- this will be an adventure!

When I saw this I just about had a break down. And by just about, I mean I had a full on breakdown. Sorry Clint! I was shocked. Please someone tell me I don't look this large in real life. Tell me it's the jeans, or the angle, or how I'm sitting like a man. On second thought, let's not talk about that last one and just move on. In any event, the diet commenced right after the viewing of this photo!

Since we're talking about awkward photos, let's bring this one up.
I know what you're thinking. Aside from looking obese, I look like a brat. And like I totally don't appreciate that gorgeous gift. That just simply isn't true. You see, this was a gift from the future mother in law, to set the mood. The gift itself wasn't so awkward, but the conversation that followed it was a bit. And by a bit, I mean more than a bit. I'm almost positive I know exactly what was said when this face was made. And if you were there, you probably can guess too! HAHA!!

Mostly I got awesome cooking stuff to fill the cupboards of our sweet, tiny apartment. But I also got some fun stuff. My sista hooked a girl up!

Honeymoon kit!
I let out a squel of embarrassment/shock when I saw some of the other things in the basket. Let's just leave some secrets, kay? I don't think even the guests saw all the items. Some other friends hooked me up with some naughty presents. I have the best friends ever. While we're talking about naughty things, I discovered something awesome today while shopping for two friends' upcoming bachelorette parties. The clearance section at department stores has some seriously cute lingerie for some seriously good prices. If you are married, you should probably go there now.

Here's my sweet gift!
When Clint was young he said that he wanted to share this blanket with his wife some day. Can you believe how sweet he is? Well, his mom wrapped it up and gave it to me at the shower! Can you believe how sweet she is?

Oh, you're probably wondering why Clint was at my shower. Until my own shower, I was a firm believer they should only be for girls and even thought it was lame when the boys showed up.
He surprised me and came the last 15 minutes! Invited, of course! I was sooo excited to see him! :) I lit up and I gave him the biggest bear hug! I love him.

I would say that the shower was a huge gigantic enormous success.
Thank you to all who were involved in some day. Can you believe we get married in less than I month? Me either, but I couldn't be more excited!


Trevor & Alyssa said...

haha this is so cute!!! i love you! An you do not look big in any picture!!! You are skinny minnie!!! I love you bride to be!!!

Gentri said...

PLEASE! You are TEENY TINY!!! Honestly! :) I'm so glad you had so much fun at your shower!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Okay you are making me want another bridal shower RIGHT NOW! So fun!

Alexia said...

You guys are so cute! It warms my heart. What a cute story. :) I love how he gave you his blanket, that is so thoughtful of your fiance's mother to do! I pray that GOD blesses your marriage abundantly and that everything goes wonderful at your wedding, in Jesus' name!

P.S: You are very pretty!


MJ {The Honeypie Archives} said...

super cute! It looks like you got some really good stuff, I love the collapsible measuring cups as well!