Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Friday I'm in love!

On Friday, I took my hansome man on a date.
I love planning things and I like to have an organized plan for our dates, but mostly I just love Clint and wanted to do something special for him. 
Clint had no idea what we're doing.
All of the following were surprises. 
First, we pulled up to the Feed My Starving children warehouse. Clint says part of the reason fell in love with me is because I love getting involved and doing things like this. In fact, I think it might have been before we officially met that I solicted canned food from him for a drive I was doing. He's told me he wants to become more involved with me. I figured our date night was the perfect opportunity. 
Obviously hairnets are a great look for us! We packed food for a little over an hour. In that time, our group packed enough for 20 children to eat for a year! That could legitimately mean twenty lives of innocent children saved. That's incredible. I plan on posting soon about how you can get involved, you know, if you like saving children and stuff. 

Next, we fed our starving bellies.
I took Clint to my absolute FAVORITE pizza place. Spinatos! Seriously, it's the most amazing pizza on the entire planet! I got a mini calzone stuffed with veggies and Clint got a delicious meat pizza! I've never tasted pizza so fresh. It's a hole in the wall and not many people know about it. The dining area isn't much bigger than my kitchen, but it's incredible. HIGHLY recommend it. I meant it, go now.

Finally, we stopped at Walmart where Clint picked a movie from redbox. We headed down to Tempe Town Lake- which is where we got engaged.
[insert romance here]
First, we laid out our blanket in a nice quaint spot and I pulled out a stack of cards with questions on them I had prepared earlier in the week. We laughed about each others answers, and got to know each other even better. Want to know some of the questions?

1) What do you want to accomplish in the next year?
2) What family traditions you grew up with would you want to implement [or not] with our family?
3) What is most important to you in a relationship? 
4) Who is your hero?
5) What's the best compliment you've ever received?
6) If you had to listen to one song over and over for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
7) If you didn't have to work, would you still choose to?

It was a lot of fun! Do you have a lover? You should try this with him/her. I came up with about 50 questions, but we didn't get to all of them. That would take forever. We have some for next time!!!
 Next, I whipped out our dessert. I had made this ahead of time and packed it in a cooler with close to a million ice packs. Clint rightfully made fun of me for how many I managed to stuff in there.

 I started with just doing strawberries, but with my leftover chocolate I found anything yummy to dip in chocolate.
 Don't these little guys look so cute?! They were surprisingly delicious!
First I put the waxpaper on the counter and placed the chocolate dipped goodies on it. Then I realized it wasn't cold enough in my house for the chocolate to harden, so I had to move it all onto a cookie sheet. Look at all that tragic chocolate I lost! This is why I am marrying Clint! He would have thought of that ahead of time! Clint = logic. Alexis = Creativity. Us = perfect!

Then, we whipped out my lap top and watched the movie, only it wasn't what we thought. We thought we had gotten a boy lover's action movie with Matt Damon, but it was a documentary with Matt Damon narrating. The documentary was about the recession. Me and Clint aren't big financial gurus, but we found it surprisingly interesting We laughed about it! Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of our blanket setup, which is a crying shame because it was beautiful! 
I love dating!
but mostly, it's the boy.


Courtney B said...

Cutest date EVER!! You two are adorable! And I'm going to look into serving my community with fun dates like this!
So glad I found your blog! :)

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

you are so cute!!! i wish i was as good of a gf as you :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, what a cute date!! I am so jealous. We always do the same old, same old! You have inspired me!! I can't wait for your post on how to get involved...I'd love to do stuff like that. We used to do that in high school with different clubs.

Gentri said...

What a fun date!! :D I love the card idea! Super cute!! I can't believe you hate onions!!! Haha! Ok, well I can. My BIL and Niece both claim to as well.

J & M Bredsguard said...

sooo cute

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness. what a wonderful date!
i am now contacting you to plan my dates for me!

FashionGirl said...

so cute photos !
you tow look perfect together ;)

I follow you now and i hope you'll follow back soon.
I'd be very happy about it.

FashionGirl <3

MJ {The Honeypie Archives} said...

oh gosh you're the cutest.
& the sweetest.
I might just have to take a page from your book and do a similar date.
Those chocolate dipped strawberries look delicious!

Clint is a lucky guy ♥
Isn't it crazy you're getting married soon! I seriously cannot stop thinking about how excited I am for you!

TheeFknGoddess said...

You guys are REALLY cute :D

and its not often i say that lol


Clint said...

thank you so much for that date! i loved all the surprises! And MOST of all i LOVE YOU! ;)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

What a cute date, you two are adorable!

LaurenHoya said...

So I was supposed to go to Feed My Starving Children that night, and I didn't because of late work and traffic. But doh! I could've met you a day earlier and hung out with you and Clint. Bummer!