Tuesday, April 26, 2011

If all of us are special, doesn't that mean that none of us are?

As Alexis walked up the driveway to Clint's house, she could see his shadow coming her way. Clint greeted her with the typical big smile, kiss, and "I love you". They went inside and began their normal talk about their separate days. They heated up their dinner, said the prayer, and ate. A few of Alexis' smiles were missing, as well as her typical intermittent laughs, complete with a scrunchie nose. They finished eating, and moved to the couch to continue their conversation. Clint could tell something was missing. He asked her what's wrong. Alexis replied, "I really don't know. For no particular reason, I just feel worthless today." Clint is sweet and obviously the better one in the relationship. He reassured Alexis that she does have worth, especially to him. The couple concluded that those feelings do not come from God. Most people recognize that Satan tempts. However, most don't seem to realize that he also tries to "plant" feelings in you to limit your potential. If he can stop you from doing something good, he will. If you feel bad about yourself, you're not going to live up to your potential. You're not going to do much of anything, really. Alexis is about to make a lot of really big steps in her life- all the more reason for Satan to try and stop them from happening. Alexis left Clint's house feeling better, but still a little sad. She went home, said her prayers for a better day, and brainstormed some goals to make her life more "worth it."

Whew! Talking in the third person is exhausting. Someone people tell me you guys have days where you feel like this? Fortunately, today was not like yesterday. Today was Make a Difference Day, as declared by me. I started with scheduling an appointment necessary for my marriage in 24 days. Yeah, you read that right. twenty-four.  It was special. Then I made some other important phone calls, the nature of which cannot be expressed except for in incredibly ambiguous ways such as here and here. Right now is a hard time for me, to say the least. All for the bettering of myself, friends. Then I talked to the manager from Dominos. The one that resulted in my fiasco slightly blogged about in yesterdays post. The result was a free large with unlimited toppings, dessert, and soda. Relationship amended Dominos. I don't care who ya are, feed me and I'll be your best friend. I did a lot of special wedding planning and errands, then made a surprise for my boy and headed to work! I have great news! I spoke with a Stake Young Women's President (youth leader) in the valley. Her girls are in dire need of church clothes. I introduce my idea of how to help here. Now, I actually know how. And it's exciting. My main focus will be to gather church clothes for the girls. However, all donations are accepted and very much appreciated. Imagine how difficult it would be to be a teenager without even enough money to buy a proper outfit for church while the majority of women only wear about 34% of their closet. Suck City. I just made up that statistic, fyi, but I don't doubt it's truthfulness. If you are in Arizona, specifically, the phoenix/mesa/gilbert area, you can donate your clothing to me, and I will distribute it out. I want to call it Clothes for Church. Stop waiting for that skit to fit, the "right" place to finally wear that top, or the skirt that will finally make those shoes. If you are out of state, you can ship them to me! However it would be more efficient to find a local place to donate them to that really needs them. Preferably, I place where the people benefiting are not required to pay. Okay, time to get excited guys!
 e-mail me at dancewithalexis{at}aol{dot}com if you would like to help!

I am Beautiful.

I already feel conceited. My good friend Ashley decided to issue a challenge about sharing why we're beautiful. Since I love and support Ashley, and since I had a crumby day myself yesterday, I decided to participate.

I love the shape of my eyes.
I love my hair color, and how incredibly thick it is.
I love that I have blonde, thin body hair which makes it not necessary for me to shave my arms, stomach (gross), back (grosser)
I love that my smiles are always sincere.
I love that I have full lips.

Dang that made me uncomfortable. Time to make you guys share the feeling.
 What makes you beautiful?

What's in store for tomorrow? You can see what awesome surprise I will be giving Clint tonight, as well as an introduction to one of my friends' awesome craft blog. SHWEET!


elise said...

K, you seriously are really really beautiful.

AllyM said...

wow. I was just thinking about feeling beautiful and accepting ourselves. even the things we hate about ourselves.

love your blog. now following!

andy & lo said...

i LOVE this & definitely know that feeling...
poopy huh?
it usually happens in my closet... when i can't find ANYTHING to wear that doesn't make me look like an amazon woman.
sorry you had a yucky day, but what a great idea to think of all the positives.
having a good guy around helps a little too ;)

Gentri said...

I need to post about what I like about myself too. I am having one of those days as well... I do not like "those" days at all. :( Boo. You totally inspired me to go through my closet for clothes to donate. I didn't think I had anything I could part with. But I just though of some while reading this. So now I'll donate them. :) I live in UT, so it's only one state away. But I'll see what I can find here first. :)

Monique said...

A smile makes anyone look beautiful!

Monique xx


Lili said...

You truly are beautiful, and I like it that you are not afraid of saying so!! It is much needed sometimes.
And apart from all your points where I think you are dead-on, I like how the colors of the leaves in your hair and the pearls go with your beautiful colors :-)

Relatable Style

The Soul Anchor said...

I sent you an email at your dance with alexis account about the Tuesdays are for Lovers!

Kelsey said...

lovely post. so inspiring. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! dont forget to check out what i'm wearing for wardrobe wednesday! xoxo


Megan said...

I love this! I'm sure it is weird to talk about the things you love, but it's so good for the soul! You ARE absolutely beautiful!!

my soul is the sky said...

hi! i saw that you were doing a free sponsoring and was wondering if you were interested in swapping buttons?