Friday, April 1, 2011

A Story About Rocks.

Once upon a time, there was a village. In this village, people carried around bags. The Rock Man would put rocks in their bags, and no matter how big or small, pointy or smooth, they would need to carry their sacks around everywhere they went. There was once a little girl named Miss. At a very young age, The Rock Man put a very big rock in her bag, one much too big for a child. She didn't deserve it, but then again, who really deserves to carry around a bunch of rocks? Miss carried around the rock with a smile on her face, because she didn't know anything else. As Miss grew older, the Rock Man put more and more rocks in her bag. Miss never claimed to have the most rocks, or the heaviest rocks. But still, Miss got very tired. The rocks were starting to wear her down. Miss was lucky though. She was blessed with things like comfortable shoes and a strong back. Nevertheless the rocks gave her some scars and some bruises that take time to heal, and some scars never completely go away. As her rocks stacked higher and higher and got heavier and heavier, she realized she was to a point where she simply couldn't do it by herself anymore. The village contained a Redeemer. The Redeemer would help Miss carry the rocks, if she could figure out how to ask him for his help. The words are hard to form. "I need help." It was hard for Miss to accept that she couldn't do it herself. Some people think getting help is weak, some think it's brave. It depends on who you ask. You would be happy to know that Miss is getting closer and closer to emptying some of those rocks from her sack. 

The End. 

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Megan said...

Awwww, I love this. SO so sweet. We should always give our "rocks" to the Redeemer!