Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The short list.

I have a lot to be grateful for. 
a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot
Here's a few of my top picks

1) My religion. There are about a billion and 50 things about my religion that I love, but one of the things I especially love right now is that it teaches us to be grateful. Being grateful isn't just something nice and "extra" to do, it's commanded of us (story of the ten lepers, anyone?). I know when I'm grateful for what I have, I'm happier. I'm pretty sure this works the same in all humans. 
2) My husband. This is a big "duh" for everyone I'm sure. My husband and my marriage bless my life so much. It takes a lot of work and patience but it's so worth it. I really do love being married. In an unrelated note, I like to look at my husband's face very much.
3) Ainsley. Some might argue that she's not a real person yet and that I'm not yet a mom, but to that I say (very maturely) that you're wrong and I'm right so there! I already love her so much and feel like I've gotten a glimpse into her personality. I love feeling her feet and knees and shoulders and everything. It's so sweet and beautiful. COOK FASTER BABY!!!!
4) School. I graduate in less than a month, say WHAAAT?! I'm a little sad to be done. I plan on going back for my masters but not right away. Either way, I am really grateful for the opportunity I've had to challenge myself and grow and "master" a subject (though I feel nutrition is something you could never really master). I'm grateful I've stuck with it even when I thought it was impossible. No joke, I got a C in general chemistry my freshman year and almost changed my major to industrial design or marketing. At the time it seemed impossible to make it to biochemistry when I was struggling with general chemistry. That's one of the greatest lessons I've learned with school. You can do more that you think you can. You just take it one step at a time. I'm also grateful for everyone who encouraged me and supported me through the last 4 years. 
5) The generosity of others. I had my baby shower earlier this month and Clint and I were honestly blown away by how generous everyone was. Both of our families have been amazing! We've also had so many friends bring generous gifts or make generous offers to help when Ainsley is born. It has been such a great example to us. THANK YOU!!! 
6) Our families. This goes without saying. Clint and I both have great families that play an important role in our loves. We love the support we've been shown especially during this time of welcoming in a new little one. 
7) Our jobs. Technically, I had to quit mine but I just received my last paycheck last Friday so we haven't felt the difference financially yet. Clint and I have been so blessed. Part of me wants to high-five my husband and do a party dance to celebrate the fact that ,because we have been so smart with our money and worked hard, we're coming out of college completely debt free (yes, that means not even a car payment). On the other hand, I know that while we had an obvious role in it, we couldn't have done it ourselves. We have been blessed so much. Last year when we were struggling more, several hundred dollars literally showed up in my bank account for a scholarship I never applied for. Heavenly Father works miracles. So I guess this encompasses more than jobs. Our finances in general is something to be grateful for. We don't have extra money to throw at the wind, but we have just enough for what we need and it has been such a huge blessing to us. 
8) My friends. I honestly have the best friends in the whole world. Earlier in my pregnancy I had several friends bring me dinner (uh, that's HUGE). So many friend came to my shower not to mention helped! Lots of my friends have been so patient when I've asked them thousands of pregnancy/baby questions. Even the ones who just offer me kind words or even just put up with my crazy. 

Eight is a weird number to end on isn't it? That's okay. Those are the few that I feel most strongly about right now. This is the short list after all. 

Oh, and if you need something to help you to be grateful, watch this video. It'll change your mood in a jiff. 


Shay said...

Love all of these and I cannot believe that in just a couple of months you will be graduated AND have a baby! So happy for you! Happy Thanksgiving pretty momma! (Yes, you most certainly are already a momma!)

Megan said...

Love this list! Definitely so blessed!! And I love that y'all are so smart with finances. That will be awesome for the future!!

Chelsea said...

You are so cute, and so good. I can't believe that you guys have no debt!! I'm kind of freaking out about it, actually. That is like, unheard of.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Loved reading your list! There really is so much to be grateful for, loved the video you shared!