Friday, November 16, 2012

How I know my husband loves me

 Is that not the most perfect picture ever? I love when he looks at me like that. I'm so glad I chose to marry such a sweet boy and I'm even more grateful he chose me too! 

When I dated I always kept in my mind "is this who I want to be the father of my children?"I think I have done exceptionally well choosing a dad for Ainsley as well as our other kiddos. I'm so happy to be married to him. I cannot wait to see him fill the father role. I know he will do so well.
Had to sneak in just one more ;)


Erin said...

Oh my goodness, those are beautiful! You look so good girl!

karajean said...

They really are perfect! There is nothing as sweet as when I am in a different room and I hear Scott playing with/talking to Owen. Melts my heart every time! It will be even better than you imagine.

megan danielle said...

ok, i love those pictures. they make me want to be pregnant and married already.

Maria said...

Such sweet photos!! Your bump is adorable!!
Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!