Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some things [possibly] worth mentioning

School has been pretty interesting for me so far.
For starters, yesterday on the train some creepy cat in baggy pants and a wife beater asked me if I had a cigarette. My reply: ummmmno. Then I think he noticed the belly, "hey you wanna buy some baby things like uh....I dunno a breast pump?" If you have never heard a gangter say the word breast pump, you haven't experienced funny.

My rolling back pack has been working out pretty great. First I should tell you that it looks like it was made in the 80s and has fallen off its fair share of tall cliffs. I thought it would be the cure-all to my back problems, but there's a lot of things I didn't think about. The way I have to maneuver my body since I'm too tall for it hurts my shoulder. That's a problem when you have TOS. Secondly, I didn't anticipate having to run with it. Every bump and crack in the sidewalk throws it off it's track and makes it look like something exploded in there and it twists and so does my arm and next thing you know we have a compound fracture. Pregnant lady running with psycho rolling backpack.  Please don't even picture this. Third, because of some of the issues indicated in the second point, I didn't realize how many people it would take out. Not only have I tripped over it, but it's only a matter of time until the entire student population of ASU is injured.

I had one teacher spend the entire first lecture giving us advice about life. In fact, she called the lecture "unsolicited advice." She talked to us about Harry Potter and how reading can change your life. She told us how we need to balance being assertive and aggressive and how we really need to get to know our culture. She stressed being productive ALL THE TIME. She said appearance matters. It's not like what she was saying was crazy by itself I was like WHAAAA who are you lady? Aren't we supposed to be learning about nutrition in the lifecycle. I'm a scientist, I doubt I'll ever be much of a reader and I have a pretty strong moral compass as it is plus, I think everything you're saying that is valid, I already know. I have better things to do like watch my belly grow. I thought it was weird. Has anyone else had a teacher give you life and moral advice? I wanted to leave the class so I could, I don't know, be productive. She talked for almost an hour about it.

Yesterday in Advanced Human Nutrition 2 we were supposed to go around the room and say our career goals and something about ourselves. I think teachers make us do this because they want to pick out the dietitians and the medical students. When it got to one particularly thin girl, she announced that she was due in January. I took one look at her washboard abs and almost stood on my desk to called the liar out. Then I wanted to propel myself over her desk and pull her hair. I kid. I was too in shock to think of any of this. All I gotta say is homegirl better be due the 196th of January.

So, I'm a nutrition major. Nutrition majors aren't supposed to get fat. You wouldn't believe how many stares and dirty looks I get at this bump I'm now sporting. For "payback" I'm contemplating telling them that I let myself go over the Summer and discovered how delicious McDonalds and KFC are. I'll probably say this while scratching my belly or armpits. 

Aside from that, I've talked to two of my professors about the pregnancy. I'm doing an assessment class that's all about the biochemical aspect of nutrition. It sounds awesome. We get to do biochemical profiles on ourselves, things that would normally cost hundreds and that insurance doesn't cover. I talked to them because I'm unable to follow some of the diets we do and fasting we have to do. Basically, you follow different diets and see how it affects you biochemically. Cool huh? The only uncool thing is that we have to save all our urine and carry it around bright orange containers to store it in. Anyway, that's not the point. The professors I've talked to so far have been really kind and understanding of my pregnancy. One even said if the semester was almost over and I delivered early, he would give me an incomplete to take the final later! It's coming together. 

My schedule is kind of awful. Some days I'm at school for 12 hours. The other days I have school and then go straight to work until late. Basically I'm really exhausted but I'm really happy! :)  

Are you in school this semester? How is it going for you? What classes are you taking? I'd love to hear about it!!!


Niamh said...

Your posts always make me smile:)

School has gone pretty...okay so far. I'm hanging in there! And I have at least one class without homework - the French professor is putting off giving us homework until everyone has the books, and who knows how long that'll take!

karajean said...

No school for me... just hanging out with Owen!

Glad to hear that your teachers are being understanding. That's great. And the rolly backpack - don't even get me started! Those things are hilarious, and picturing you and your belly running with one across campus is awesome.

Randy said...

LOL. "I'm a scientist, I doubt I'll ever be much of a reader..."

I hope you were joking.

Alexis Kaye said...

Randy I meant reading novels for fun. I don't like fiction

Amber and Lincoln said...

I have 3 classes left! Then I start my student teaching in January!!!

EMMA said...

I love your blog. Great blog title. I hope you stop by mine: Living Fully By Faith.


Katie said...

I agree with Kara...that rolly backpack mental picture is just too good to pass up! You are going to be amazing this semester! Those biochemical profiles sound pretty cool. Maybe I should go back to school and study nutrition ;)