Thursday, August 30, 2012

A is for Awesome

Sometimes I feel like I complain too much on here. The truth is, I'm not much of a complainer off the blog. I feel like this is the place I can vent, then be done with it. That's good right? The problem is, I come off as a sissy pants complainer! No one likes a sissy pants complainer.

Today, let's talk about things that are awesome

Have you SEEN this guy?!?!
He's amazing. He's gotta be missing some bones or something. I could watch this video 10 times in a row and be just as entertained every time! I haven't watched the rest of the season though.

Monday is LABOR DAY! This week I thought both Tuesday and Wednesday were Thursday so it's made for a LONG week! Tomorrow is finally Friday and I'm taking a NAP this weekend! It's been hard balancing work and school. At the end of the day I feel like I got beat up by 50 Thors. I'm so excited for a break!

I think I'm passed the "just fat" stage. Twice people have given up their seats on the train for me, which is super nice because at the end of the day...well, see above. Yesterday someone gave up his seat for me and when I sat down he said "It's fine....I just worked a 12 hour day, you know...." I was confused. Doesn't it always take you off guard when someone does something nice and then says something that could make you feel guilty? haha...either way I appreciated the seat!

Kind of related to the previous point, I'm probably at the most fun stage in my pregnancy. Even though I've still been experiencing awful symptoms, I figure this is probably as good as it's going to get!! Most of the symptoms I have now are as mild as they will (probably) ever be. I'm big enough to where I'm obvious but not too uncomfortable yet. There's still a lot of things I can wear. Her kicks are still fun and not fracture-a-rib worthy. That happened to my friend by the way. OW!

Since I have this idea that having a baby is going to put us on lockdown in our apartment, I want to go out as much as possible! Because of that we've been going to a lot of movies lately. We've been taking advantage of gift cards, credit card rewards points, and our local theater who does discounts Friday nights! In the last few months we've seen Bourne Legend, the new batman, Moonrise Kingdom, and I think one other. Previously, Clint and I have gone to the movies probably....6 times in our almost 2 years together. We didn't go on a single date to the movies until after we were married! I have grown to love the movies :) We've also learned to sit close to the exit so it's easier when I have to get up to use the ladies room ;)


Do you love it?! I think it's my new favorite song. I love happy music like that.

My Babycenter e-mails have transitioned into things like "symptoms you may be having" to "how your body recovers after delivery". Thank you for the reminder we're getting close! 22 weeks is close, okay!

Did I mention it's almost the weekend?

We've started bedding for my baby girl! We don't have much money/resources/space to do much to decorate her corner of the office so I'm really excited about her bedding! I love it :) I picked out the fabric and my amazing mom is sewing it for me. Not like she doesn't already work 60 hours a week or anything!!

My sister is coming this weekend!!!!

She brings these babies with her which is always nice (the two older kids are hers!). I hope I can love my own baby as much as I do my niece and nephew! The love I have for these little people is...well, a lot. I've been really blessed to be really involved in their lives and spend a lot of time with them. I love that!

I get to go see baby OWEN tomorrow!!! And Kara, of course!

There's a lot of things that make life hard right now, but there's a ton of great things! I know I am so blessed for SO many reasons.
I wouldn't change it :)

What are you most excited about right now?


Autumn said...

I started laughing about the passive aggressive train guy. I was thinking this morning how much I hate back-handed compliments, but I think that one tops it haha.

I don't feel like you complain a ton on here or really at all. I think you're just realistic.

ashley.warner said...

hey lady!
you are allowed to speak your mind on here!!!! it's YOUR blog! who cares what others think :)

happy weekend - have fun with the babes!

ps. if you're interested in being a SEPTEMBER SPONSOR, check this out

Katie said...

hahaha oh man. that guy on the train. what was he thinking?! i have had stuff like that happen too! and i am obsessed with the fact that i am only five hours away from the weekend, so i completely understand!!! i am most excited that we are going to prescott to visit my parents this weekend! woot woot!

Sara Shoemaker said...

I am so excited for you!!! What an exciting time in your life. Movie dates are the best things ever. I looove movies. Good for you for soaking it up while ya can! That dance guy was not human but I love that show! Makes me want to dance.
And yes it all happened so fast but my husband just got accepted to an online school program thru BYU-I so we didn't need to live in Idaho anymore :) we are so Happy to be by family again!

The House of Shoes

Anonymous said...

I always sit near the exit too (not pregnant, just a chronic overhydrater). You picked a good summer to be host to new spawn, there are so many awesome movies out! How did you like Batman?

Elise Frederickson said...

Dude. Just listened to that song twice, it rocks.

Hope Douglass said...

Cyrus is my absolute FAVORITE male competitor on SYTYCD. I'm extremely proud of him and how far he's gotten. I haven't seen the last couple episodes but I know he got to top 14! He's incredible.