Monday, August 27, 2012

Da Bebe

20 weeks

On Wednesday we had our ultrasound appointment to check up on the baby and on my Placenta Previa. My emotions were really mixed. In some ways I was so nervous and in others I was so calm I almost forgot we were there for anything but seeing our Ainsley girl kick and squirm like babies do. By the way, she moves A TON. ALL DAY. EVERY DAY. Like sometimes I can't sleep or concentrate because she's in there training for gymnastics. The doctor said that's really good for only 20 weeks. I'm 21 now. That's 5 months. Holy Guacamole.


So they called us back. The ultrasound tech checked to make sure it was still a girl. She is :) That was a relief. I had a friend who was DYING for a girl and at 16 weeks they were told it was a girl so she bought a bunch of stuff and when they checked again at 20 weeks it was a boy and she was depressed, haha! But our Ainsley is DEFINITELY a girl.

Then she checked her organs, spine, legs, stuff like that. My girl has TWO kidneys! Way to go baby. We tried a ton to get another picture of her face but she was turned to my back and wouldn't move even after rolling around and jumping. Homegirl is stubborn. We got one that was a negative image or something and she looked like a gorilla. They even tried doing a 3d but she was moving and still turned to my back so they couldn't get it. I think that's our last ultra sound so it'll have to be a surprise what she looks like. Although...I'm pretty sure most ultrasound pictures look exactly the same. We did get to see her swallowing like crazy for a bit. It was so quick Clint thought it was the heart! I think she's gonna be a good eater like her parents. I've never been more proud. Time to stock up on the lanolin cream.

THEN....the big moment came.
"that's the placenta" said the ultrasound tech with no emotion.
I know I'm no professional, but it looked really low to me. The baby was resting on it and that didn't seem right. I asked her if she could tell us if it was placenta previa or if the doctor had to tell us. She measured it and it was far enough away from the cervix that it's no longer placenta previa!!! It's pretty low, but it's growing up and she said as the uterus stretches more and more the placenta will most likely move up with it. When the doctor went over the results with us the first thing she addressed was that I was no longer on "pelvic rest" like it was our biggest and only concern the whole time... which made Clint and I both laugh probably too much. 

So, that's pretty darn awesome. We feel so blessed. Clint and I are so happy and our hearts are full of grattitude. Thanks to everyone who said a prayer for us, sent well wishes our way, or even showed a little bit of concern. We really appreciate it! And we know prayer and faith made all the difference in our situation. We're so thankful. Thank you!
This is me and my friend Kelly. Isn't she cute?! In this picture I'm 21 weeks and she's 28. We were outside of a McDonald's. at 11pm. getting ice cream and fries. obviously. :)


Autumn said...

That's awesome that everything is good with baby. I know I am not ready for kids because I probably would be totally embarrassed if a Doctor said something like that to my husband and I...don't babies just appear? haha

Also, I have that same belt and I wear it with a dress that looks virtually the same. I love your headband with it!

Carlie said...

I am so happy you got that good news!

Kari said...

Yayy for good news!! :)

Emma Frances said...

WOOHOO! Sounds like you have an awesome little baby! All cute and wiggly! And I'm so so happy to hear that the placenta previa is resolved! What a wonderful answer to your prayers! And the prayers of so many who love and care for you all!

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

woohoo! So happy for you. I was antsy the whole time reading this! and yes, I know what it's like to be so happy that the baby is definitely a gender.. when the tech didn't tell us what the gender is because we were having the cake made I asked over and over "are you sure?" and she was like "yes, it's definitely one way or the other!" I love hearing that he is DEFINITELY a boy!

and yay for being 5 months! seriously though, I feel like ever since being on the "downward slope" it's dragged!

lj said...

That's great! I'm glad you'll be able to finish the semester.

You were getting dipped cones, WEREN'T YOU? I knew you liked them.

Courtney B said...

Yaaaayy!! That's GREAT news! I'm so happy for you, Clint, and precious Ainsley!

Megan said...

YAY!! I'm so glad that it is fixing itself!!! Grow up, placenta!