Saturday, August 25, 2012


The other day at work someone was really rude and disrespectful to me.
I was upset.
I sat at my desk just stewing about it.
I ran through the conversation over and over and mentally picked out all the rude things they were saying, how they were wrong, how I deserved an apology, how they don't have the right to talk to me like that, you know- the usual.
I realized I didn't like feeling this way.
It's a gross feeling and I wanted it gone.
I pulled up this conference talk and read it over and over.
It made me feel a lot better.

"I imagine that every person on earth has been affected in some way by the destructive spirit of contention, resentment, and revenge. Perhaps there are even times when we recognize this spirit in ourselves. When we feel hurt, angry, or envious, it is quite easy to judge other people, often assigning dark motives to their actions in order to justify our own feelings of resentment."

Isn't that so true?!

I think I need to read this talk every day. It's human nature to judge and it's really hard to resist, especially when you're upset. Even if it's just deciding the person driving in front of you who took 20 minutes to make their turn is the most inconsiderate and slow jerk who doesn't know how to drive, is not okay.
Any negative judgment, no matter how wrong the other person is, is never right.

"Of course, we know this is wrong. The doctrine is clear. We all depend on the Savior; none of us can be saved without Him. Christ’s Atonement is infinite and eternal. Forgiveness for our sins comes with conditions. We must repent, and we must be willing to forgive others. Jesus taught: “Forgive one another; for he that forgiveth not … [stands] condemned before the Lord; for there remaineth in him the greater sin” and “Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.”
Of course, these words seem perfectly reasonable—when applied to someone else. We can so clearly and easily see the harmful results that come when others judge and hold grudges. And we certainly don’t like it when people judge us.

But when it comes to our own prejudices and grievances, we too often justify our anger as righteous and our judgment as reliable and only appropriate. Though we cannot look into another’s heart, we assume that we know a bad motive or even a bad person when we see one. We make exceptions when it comes to our own bitterness because we feel that, in our case, we have all the information we need to hold someone else in contempt."

It's hard. It's hard to remember to always have our actions reflect our belief in Christ. There are lots of people in life who will do things to us to make our blood boil, and then there will be others that we just flat out don't get along with. We still have to remember the love God has for them and we should too.

It’s that simple. We simply have to stop judging others and replace judgmental thoughts and feelings with a heart full of love for God and His children. God is our Father. We are His children. We are all brothers and sisters.

Jesus said it is easy to love those who love us; even the wicked can do that. But Jesus Christ taught a higher law. His words echo through the centuries and are meant for us today. They are meant for all who desire to be His disciples. They are meant for you and me: “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.”
When our hearts are filled with the love of God, we become “kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving [each other], even as God for Christ’s sake [forgave us].”

I highly recommend reading the talk in its entirety. It's amazing. 
 It's ironic that when we judge others, putting them below us, it makes us less happy. It's way better to look for the good in others. Some times, people make it hard, but don't give up, haha! It's really really really really hard to not judge others and to always act out of love and I'm grateful for the much needed reminder in my life!


Katie said...

I love this! I have been having so many people at work who have been rude to me lately, too, and for awhile, I would just go home and really resent them. Then, just like you, I realized how much I hated that feeling. So I decided to pray for Christlike compassion. It doesn't always work, haha, but I am trying! And I will definitely have to read the whole talk!

Nikki & Drew said...

don't stop, don't give up. keep trying, keep trying. don't give up. (don't stop) never give up (don't stop).

sorry, the last bit brought up a yo gabba gabba song. yes, my daily soundtrack is P's favorite silly show.

Emma Frances said...

Bah! I need to read this talk everyday too! It's so easy to forget and start judging others. And it's a good thing to remember in marriage that your spouse never says or does things to hurt you even though it may feel that way sometimes.

Niamh said...

I'd forgotten about this talk - and it's definitely something that I need to remember and work on!

katilda said...

yes yes yes. thank you for posting this!