Thursday, August 23, 2012

If you can call it that.

Today was the first day of my last semester of school. 
In other words, it was the first day of school, if you can call it that. 

Lets start at the beginning. Clint woke me up shaking me and singing and shouting something like, "GOOD MORNING!" Then I shouted something back like, "AHHH TOO MUCH NOISE! LET THE BEAR SLEEP!"

I finally got up and threw on some somewhat presentable clothes and drove to the light rail station. Holy cow. There were some extremely hygenically compromised individuals on there this morning. There was some serious mouth breathing going on, but then of course I could taste it which didn't help to sooth my preggoed ego self. As soon as they got off everyone on the train took a big breath of acceptable air. Then we all laughed. Nothing brings people together like surviving the great stench of 2012 together. 

Then I went to my first class. It's about the biochemical aspect of nutrition and I was super excited to get started. Only, the teacher never showed up so we waited for him for half an hour and then left. 

Then I went to the bookstore to look at all those insanely overpriced books to see if I could stomach shelling out my hard earned dolla billz for them. It didn't work. 

Then I went back to the light rail station to head home. Even though I hate commuting over an hour to school (especially when the professor doesn't show up and especially when it's just for one class!) I really love the downtown aspect. It's so exciting to me. I love the tall buildings, but mostly I love the architecture of the older buildings. 

1) isn't downtown beautiful? 2) my feet are disappearing 3) my transportation for the next 4 months 

So, it was pretty fun. I came home and ate two sandwiches and didn't even feel bad about it. I'm debating if I should include the part where I ate two cookies too.
 Now it's off to work. I'm already exhausted and it's only the first day AND I'm not even half way through the day. But I just want to say that I am so happy to be back in school. I'm so grateful for for the opportunity I HAVE to go to school. I know it might be cheesy, but I love that in America we can decide to be anything we want and the only thing that can hold us back is ourselves! Yeah, Pursuit of Happyness is one of my favorite movies :) By the way, I know how to spell happiness. That's how they spell it in the movie right? Anyway, I love pushing yourself to learn more and be more and seeing it come to fruition. I don't count myself as one of the smartest cats on the street, but I'm really proud of what I've done in school so far. When I started I would have never guessed I'd be able to get an A+ in organic chemistry! I'm really looking forward to this semester. 

Hope your day is as glamorous and interesting ;) as mine


katilda said...

ok chya your feet are disappearing and that's fun! i like downtown as well, but just for short amounts of time. there are many good places to eat down there!

Autumn said...

I loved your last post and this one. Good for you for letting faith dictate instead of can be difficult to do that! Hope you have a great semester!

lj said...

Oh no, I hate the lightrail! If you take an institute class, you can park there and there is a shuttle (a nice air-conditioned bus) that goes to downtown campus. That's what my husband does and it takes half the time the lightrail does to get downtown.

Good luck this semester!

Niamh said...

Here's to an amazing semester! Wish I was in my last...just a few more years!

jenn (+ will) said...

cute photos. i love that you ate two sandwiches. so cute. good luck this semester!!!!! hopefully your teachers are extra nice to you because you are growing a baby!

Emma Frances said...

I'm glad you survived! And I love the belly bump feet picture! :) They'll just keep disappearing! Haha.

Megan said...

I can't believe the teacher didn't show up!! UGH!! How was your appt?

Evelien said...

Since I married and moved while still being in college, I have to travel almost 2 hours just to get in class... Not so fun! But it's just one last year :)
And I love educating myself! It's true, you can be anything you want to be, as long as you want to work for it!