Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Great Debate

Last night Clint and I went to bed before 10pm. That turned into talking which turned into laughing until we cried. At least, I had tears. It was too dark to see Clint. One of the main topics we covered?


I'm a huge dog lover.
Clint likes them pretty well.

But ME, I'm borderline obsessed with dogs. All growing up I wanted to be a "dog doctor"... until my dad told me the harsh reality that I would see dogs die and even have to put them to (the very permanent) sleep. Then I decided I couldn't handle that. Dog loving would have to be a part-time affair.

In my life I have read tons of picture books on dogs. My dad works with dogs. I have a dog, which I also named. I'm practically an expert on dogs.

Now that we've established my credentials,
Here is my choice of K-9
AREN"TTHEYSOCUTE!!!! That's a border collie, in case you're not as expert as I am.

Plus, they make the CUTEST puppies.
I just died. Will someone please buy me one ten minutes ago?!

A small part of my love for boarder collies may come from when, in my younger days, I took a very reliable quiz online that matched my personality up with a dog breed. So basically, we're kindred spirits. They're the perfect size-not too big or too small. They're known for being good natured which is nice because I'd like to keep my carpet and couch stuffing right where it is. They're soft and adorable. It's pluses all around.

Some close runner-ups may include, but are not limited to: golden retrievers, labs, and siberian huskys.

We've established I have excellent taste in dogs.

Now let's move to Clint's furry child of choice.

Jack russle Terrier. It's cute enough I GUESS. I mean....if I HAD to love it, I could probably find a way. If I had to. But I have a thing against dogs that can fit in a purse. [Clint says it wouldn't fit in a purse. I say, have you SEEN how ginormica purses are these days? They can fit at least two.] I say they're sissy dogs. Clint says they're manly. I'm struggling to see anything manly about a dog who is slightly taller than my ankles. Do you think they would last 5 minutes hiking? They couldn't even keep up with me on a run. Especially on the beach. Like in those movies. Which will be a reality in my life someday. Until I get tired and stop for a burger. They'd also have no chance hearding sheep, which is super important to me.

There's really no other point in telling you this other than sharing what gave Clint and I a good laugh discussing . Do you and your other half have the same taste in dogs? And more importantly, who wins?

Boarder Collie, or Jack Russle Terrier?  

p.s. I'm debating making shirts that say "Team Boarder Collie". It'd have a picture of that puppy on it somewhere. I'd wear it under all my clothes.

pps I don't hate JRT or any dog for that matter. I do, however, have a high preferance to dogs that can't fit in purses. Even the ginormica ones these days.


Kari said...

My hubby wanted a JRT. I wanted a Rottweiler because "I wanted a big dog to protect me.". I wanted a girl dog, he wanted a boy dog.

We compromised. We have a boy black lab named Reggie...big but a big softie. And a sweetheart. :)

Chelsea said...

I like baby, tiny dogs. You know, the annoying ones who bark and yap all the time. I vote JRT.

Nikki & Drew said...

Well clearly you haven't heard all the jack stories. He may be the height of your ankles but can easily jump to your face. And never kneel down by him cause he'll knock you over! I know both from personal experience. But if you talk to drew he'll tell you of all jacks lives he's taken.

Kyle and Chandra Chant said...

I had a sheltie (mini boarder collie) growing up and it was seriously the best dog ever. She only lived for about 11 years at least we think, she disappeared after my parents moved and she honestly seemed like she was dying so we think she went into the desert to die, selfless to the end. She would wait until all of us kids were home at night to go to her bed and sleep. She had to make sure we were all home safe. She hardly ever barked and when she did it was for a good reason. Even with 6 kids all doing different things she was super easy to train and even after we moved and she could no longer go outside whenever she was retrained extremely well. So I guess you could say I'm Team Boarder Collie as well wouldn't go with anything else, especially because of how gentle they are with kids. :)

Annie said...

Well I'm sure we have talked about this but Chase is so like you. He LOVES dogs. Always had one growing up (they actually just had to put her down last November :( .)
I am all thanks but no thanks. They are cute but not worth the hair that is EVERYWHERE. (Lint Freak over here!)
and I am allergic to them, not deathly, but enough to make it annoying.

But Chase has informed me that we WILL be getting a dog someday. So I told him we can talk about it when we have the following:
1. a house
2. at least one kid
3. one of us (me) staying home/not working
4. the money to have it trained

so we'll see ...

We have agreed that it will be a girl dog because they are so much less aggressive. :)
BUT if I had to choose a breed...
He had a golden retriever and so that's high on his list.
I am ok with that except for the hair!
I like malteses (sorry small dog, haha, but I heard they shed less.)

Well now you've made me google dog images which I never do. thanks a lot.

Erin said...

My best friend had a JRT and it was the most obnoxious thing. She died and was upgraded to a big girl dog. My family just got a standard poodle and I AM IN LOVE. Like, he took my canine love to a whole new ten levels. I'm worried I won't love my children this much. So, that's where I stand.

karajean said...

Boarder Collie! I'm with you - I like real, full sized dogs. My family grew up with Labs so I don't like anything that weighs less than 90 pounds.

Brooke said...

This is great, my husband and I do the same thing... except I try to convince him to love dogs, period. I think he finally came around to loving our family bulldog Maggie, and lets be real. Those guys are pretty cute, in a really ugly way. So I'm satisfied that he came around to her. A few more years and maybe he will let me get one of my own ;) You guys are cute!

Katie said...

I am so with you about big dogs. And we are totally kindred spirits about being obsessed with dogs. Seriously. I read any and all dog books I could get my hands on as a child. And I want one SO BAD right now. Alas. Apartments...big dogs...it just doesn't really mix. I am mostly into bird dogs - mostly because I want them to love camping/hiking as much as I do.

Jessica said...

Border collie all the way! I'm against small dogs. My list includes bernese mountain dogs, look them up they are the best!

Kylie said...

Border collie. They're just so pretty :)

megan danielle said...

border collies are my absolute favorite!!!!!!!!!!

Melinda said...

I work in rescue. These two breeds are turned in ALL the time. They are two of the most hyperactive, intelligent dogs you can have. They are also very similar. Jack Russell's are big dogs in small bodies, they are by no means a lap dog. They bounce off the walls, can be destructive, do NOT have an off button and can easily hike and run to the point that YOU will be tired before they are. I'm thinking you might not have ever met a JRT before with your comment about them not lasting five minutes hiking, LOL BC's are the same way. They are true working dogs, herding dogs, not just pets. Here in Texas they are the choice for ranch dogs because they go all day and are extremely intelligent. Both of these breeds will require a ton of exerice and stimulation or else the entire household will be miserable. I have a JRT. She was dumped on the highway. She is non stop motion, and neither my husband nor I can tire her out, and we are active people. The idea of her in a purse is mind boggling, LOL Definitely dont confuse jacks with chihuahuas! They are terriers, and full of it.

Also, please dont buy a dog. Pretty pretty please! There are literally MILLIONS of dogs that euthanized every year, simply because they dont have homes. Many are purebred. Many were purchased because their owners didnt realize how much committment that the dog would require, how much money, or they bought a breed that is completely incompatible with their lifestyle.

I understand the urge to have a sweet dog, but this is one of those choices where you really should put the needs of the dog before your own wants. If you can feasibly exercise the dog and give attention to the dog for several hours every day and there is enough extra money for the monthly heartworm and flea/tick meds, food, toys, ect. on top of a baby, then fine...please check out shelters in your area before buying! petfinder.com has a area where you can put in the breed and your area code and all of the available animals will show up.

Anonymous said...

A direct quote from one of your awesome brothers (Vaughn) and the world's most favoritest uncle (Alan) is..." Dogs are better people than people!" Needless to say there is very little affection in our home for cats :( Sorry Grandma Barb!

Point being, we love Clint more than dogs in fact :) Jack Russell Terriers, AKA the Frasier dog, Are hard to manage with little people in the house. They are adorable and have a great temper and pleasant personality. I had one when Patrik was little and the dog was absolutely in love with Pat. So in love that he constantly tried to jump up and lick Pat and play with him with out warning or invitation...this can be hard on a little person. Also, the dog was a the petsonification (making up word to replace personification) of a peesicle (making up word for the inability to stay on task due to constantly having to go potty when not pregnant).

Long and short...loved that dog but had to give him to a family with bigger people and more time because he needed as much attention as Patrik and he could not be left home alone without practically forcing us to submit a claim on our renter's insurance...I kid but he did cause disaster type conditions even when we thought he was confined to a small enough area for us to avoid damage.

Yeah team Border Collie!

It is best to get any puppy after the baby so there are no jealousy issues that might cause excessive barking, peeing or worse, and the territorial marking followed by the ritualistic chewing and subsequently eating of personal belongings. Besides it is great for a baby to grow in to being a little person with a pet and lots of fun.

P.s.I love dogs and your uncle Alan got me a puppy for our anniversary. Our puppy, Ruger is part choc. Lab and part cocker spaniel. I believe the Lab is winning. We can not see any visible signs of cocker spaniel except the ears.

Mrs W said...

Border Collies are beautiful! But so are Jack Russel Terriers. We have a Jack Russel Terrier who is the definition of awesome! She has the most beautiful markings (almost like a cow) and has the biggest personality. Most of the time it looks like she has ADD and an inner struggle between her mixed breed. One minute she's mega hyper running around at top speed like a true Jack Russel and then a second later her nose is on the ground, hunting for various insects and other objects like a fox terrier. Plus she's very cuddly, loyal, rarely barks and a shadow! I say you can't go wrong with either dog though. A dog really is man's best friend! Good luck!

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