Thursday, July 5, 2012

A hormonal Independance Day.

I'm sorry. I hate awkward mirror pictures. I even feel awkward looking at them later. BUT, I do want to see my belly change over time and document this period in my life. Since I haven't yet hired a professional photographer to follow me around and make me look less awkward, this will have to do for now! This is at 13 weeks and 4 days! I know, my belly is big! I think it's probably abour 40% bloating. Also, my belly isn't rounded at all. It goes straight out at the center. Can you tell a little in the picture now? My belly doesn't go out at all until after the outer ruffles on my shirt. Does that make sense? Basically my hips look normal and as you get closer to my belly button it just POPS out in the center like BAM! Hello world. You probably think I'm getting fat right now but I'm actually growing a human who is learning to swallow and urinate right now. BEAT THAT!

First, you should probably know how thankful I am to live in such a wonderful country. I'm grateful for the opporunities I have here that I wouldn't otherwise. Even though people seem to constantly complain about whats wrong with politics and whatnot, I'm pretty proud to be a part of this country, even though of course it'll have faults. :)

This is THE LAST fourth of July Clint and I will EVER have without any ankle bitters! I decided we had to live it big considering next year our baby will probably have a 7:00 bedtime and I'll probably fall asleep before 9 (not that that doesn't still happen now).

What can't you do with a 6 month old baby? THE MOVIES! I've been really wanting to see What to Expect When You're Expecting. I laughed. Then I cried. Then I laughed til I cried. I know a big part was the fact that I'm pregnant, but I loved that movie. I mean, seriously! The part where she is speaking at that conference and calls total "BS" on the "Glow" (AMEN SISTER!) and all the completely unglamourous and painful things not everyone knows about pregnancy! I just wish some of that proclaimed "backne" had spread to her face to make it more realistic. She can always borrow some of mine if she wants.

The dudes group? So perfect. Clint needs to find one, stat. But I would plant a bug on him because those conversations are just too funny to miss out on.

When the one lady miscarried and when J-lo met her adopted little boy...I cried like a baby.... only less screaming, more tears.

The "mother-in-law" with the perfect pregnancy and birth in 9 inch heels? NO KIDDING! I've had people ask me how I'm feeling and, after they tell me they feel so wonderful and energized, I'm tempted to tell them my double digit puke count for the day or tell them my entire body feels like I got hit by a truck. Speaking of losing your lunch, to be realistic that movie should have had much more. Really, twice? Multipy that by 167,893.  

BUT, I did love how sweet the ending was. The entire movie I was thinking "no. No. NO! I cannot do this! I can't handle being pregnant. HOW ARE BABIES SO BIG! This is awful. I'm gonna vomit. again. HELP ME!", but then seeing the happy families at the end, I was so happy we have a sweet baby on the way. I'm so excited to be a mom and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to saccrifice for my unborn child through this pregnancy, even though sometimes it's hard to remember that all this IS for the sake of a child and not some cruel punishment. This is just a snipet of the wide range of emotions I have towards this pregnancy and being a mom. Maybe I'll include that in a seperate post. Can't believe I still have to wait 6 months to hold my baby! 

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th!!


Nikki & Drew said...

So I was a 8 lb 10 oz baby and I think drew was pretty close to the same so I was expecting a good sized kid. When P came out and was only 8 lbs I thought he was so tiny! 8 lbs is a bigger then average baby too. We're well equipped for these above average babies with our big ole hips. It's the head that's the killer ;)

Ali Mills said...

I still need to see that movie! Andrew and I were gonna go see it but then we HAD the baby hahahaha ;) I'm glad it was good though cuz now I know I'll like it ;)

And you're already looking great - I know it sucks but really you look better than you think you do ;) Promise!

Megan said...

I am SO SO behind on blogging...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Such wonderful news and I am SO excited for you two!!!! What a fun pregnancy story!! I love that he just busted in the bathroom when he heard you gasp! Haha!!!!! You look adorable!

Nikskie said...

i will remember this story when i'm pregnant. haha.

you look just great with the mirror picture and i LOVE your braids!

Nikskie said...

i will remember this story when i'm pregnant. haha.

you look just great with the mirror picture and i LOVE your braids!

from head 2 toe said...

Okay, I hated that movie because the "newborn babies" were realistically 3/4 month olds. Don't worry. Your babe will be much, MUCH smaller!

Chelsea said...

You don't even look big. You are just cute.

I really want to see that movie. I didn't before I read this . . . but now I think it sounds so good.

Emma Frances said...

I can't believe I still haven't seen that movie! I need to fix that! And you will love looking back at your bump photos! I sure do! Even though they are totally awkward mirror photos!

Courtney B said...

I NEED to watch this movie!