Thursday, April 5, 2012


[us studying in the library yesterday]

Clint and I love Costco.
I mean, let's be serious, it's the Ivy League of grocery stores.
It's where the grown ups shop.
You even have to have a special card to shop there and everything.
They ID you.
You know, like a member of an official club.
Yes, very adult.
In addition to being very sophisticated and having a killer deal for a gigantic slice of pizza ($2), they also have great prices on things like meat. Since Clint and I are omnivores, this is a cruicial part of our diet....only we were completely out. That's a problem. So after I got out of biochemistry last night and Clint got out of some crazy smart people engineering class, we scurried over to this wonderous place humans usually call Costco.

Of course, every time we go Clint has to look at the tvs. We marvel over the beauty that would take up an entire wall of our teeny apartment. I feel bad Clint wants one so badly. Someday. But for now, our conversation goes a little like this.
"Babe they have a 40inch for $500!"
"Sweet, that's a good deal."
"Should we get it?"
"Go for it!"
"Should we really?"
"If you want to be eating nothing but rice for the next 6 months."
And then we laugh and he pretends to put the tv in the cart and I marvel at the 80inch tv and take 15 minutes comparing it to my body size. I concluded it's 5 times bigger than me, fyi.

And then we weave up and down just about every case they get something new and exciting a dyson fan or a blender that can make soup from the friction. Of course, we would never buy something like this. But Clint and his engineering brain just has to stay up on the latest and greatest. It's cool though because he's patient with me when it takes be 10 minutes to decide if our family of 2 can eat a whole tub of strawberries before they go bad in that freezing produce room. Then it's onto the reason we came. Chicken, beef and fish. Of course there's some produce in there. Spinach, strawberries, broccoli, things like that. And we can't leave without getting tortillas. And we should probably stock up on a few essentials like trail mix, salsa, hummus (WE LOVE THE JALEPENO CILANTRO HUMMUS!), tuna fish, tomato sauce, green chilis, and whotheheckknows what else we bought.
Also we found these little beauties sent straight from heaven.

freakin, yum.

Basically, we bought a lot of stuff. We only go every few months so when we go, we spend quite a bit. And we end up with a lot of stuff.

Okay, if you've never had the pleasure of going to costco, let me give you the rundown. You buy stuff in large quantities. You put your stuff on the little conveyor belt. They ring you up. Just like a normal grocery store right? But instead of grocery bags, they give you boxes to put your stuff in because it's large amounts and bags would be awkward. I have to have been to Costco close to a hundred times in my life and that is always how it works.

Not last night. Last night we load up our stuff to be rung up and the lady who is supposed to be boxing our stuff up asks us, " you want me to put it in boxes or... should I just...throw it back in the basket?" Clint and I look at each other confused. I'm trying to figure out how on earth a normal person would get all this stuff in their house, and keep in mind our apartment is on the third floor. I'm so confused I can't talk. Wait what? At least 5 seconds have to go by before Clint says "We're going to need boxes please." And then she huffs and puffs and is all annoyed while she boxes up our stuff like we just asked her to clean the toe jam out from between our fungified toes. Like, woah.

We literally laughed all night about it. Is it just me? I mean seriously. It would take like 10 trips to take all that stuff in. Like "no thanks, I'd like to carry my spinach and syrup and strawberries and tortiallas and chicken and beef and fish and trail mix and a million other things ALL in seperately. I mean can you imagine going to the grocery store and even buying just 20 items and them asking you if you wanted a bag. No, i'll just carry my head lettuce, 3 jugs of milk, 2 loaves of bread, 4 boxes of cereal, 6 cans of beans, shampoo, 3 boxes of macaroni and pineapple in by myself. Yeah, just throw it back in the cart. I was thinking about going to the gym, but this sounds like a lot more fun!

Maybe it was just one of those "you had to be there moments" but it was pretty funny to us. I think I asked Clint 4 times last night if that really happened. "Do you think she was serious?"
"Was she just being lazy?"
"Can you imagine if we had to carry all that up the stairs in the dark!"
 "I think she hates us."
 "Did she really ask us that?!"
"Do you think anyone every says they don't need boxes?!"

It's okay Costco. I still love you, even though you hired a hater.


Nikki & Drew said...

I have actually passed on a box before. but I didnt have anywhere near as much as you guys!

Carlie said...

haha They never gave boxes at the Costco in Orem! Then we moved here and they never offered us any at the Sam's. Maybe people think we need the exercise?

Katie said...

They asked me that last time I went too!!! I bet it was the same Costco. And maybe even the same lady.

Aaand I literally laughed out loud when you said "fungified toes."

Ben & Cassie said...

I love costco so so much, and i cannot go without getting at least an ice cream bar. It is so true about the exclusive club, i seriously hate rude people! Thanks for stopping by my little blog, i adore yours

Ariana Nelson said...

That was a HILARIOUS story!! We don't have a Costco in our town, we have Sam's. It's significantly less fun shopping there!

Maybe next time someone asks you if you need a box you can say, "No, but I'll need to rent one of those pack mules so I can get to my 3rd floor apartment"

Oh - and what do you do with the boxes once you get home?

katilda said...

i love costco!! i once rode a teal bicycle down one of the aisles...i mean, it was just sitting there! what did they want me to do! i only felt bad when a little boy saw me and asked his mom if he could ride the bike and she said no....

Kylie said...

That's pretty funny :) At Sam's, you get your own boxes. I wish we had Costco though...I dream about those Brookside Acai Berries. Although we did treat ourselves to their chocolate-covered almonds yesterday. The chocolate-to-almond ratio is about 1-to-1. Yum.

Megan said...

Hahahaha, y'alls conversation made me laugh!! I have never been...we don't have fancy places like that!

Anonymous said...

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A wonderful post!

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Anna said...

Their pizza is amazing. :)
My husband's work gives the employees Costco cards, how cool is that?? Otherwise, since it's just the two of us, I doubt we'd go there.

Lisa said...

I seriously love Costco too. My new favorite pasttime is going there on Saturdays and trying all the yummy samples that they bring out. Free lunch!

Lisa said...
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Emma Frances said...

We're Sam's Club members which is pretty much the same thing and we seriously always feel like such adults when we go there! Haha. Yay for good deals! And cheap yummy pizza! Also, eating the taste testers makes for a good date night! :]

Lissa Chandler said...

My favorite part of this post is where you wrote "after I got out of biochemistry and Clint got out of some crazy smart people engineering class..."

Loving that you seem to think biochemistry is for normal brains... totally not for mine. :)

Lissa Chandler said...

And by "normal" I meant "average". ha!

Dionna Sanchez said...

LOVE dark chocolate. I'm going to have to try these.