Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This could be interesting

I have no idea really what I'm going to write about today, other than that I know I have a ton on my mind. I had my biochem test yesterday and my brain is officially fried. Do you think it's weird that the way I celebrate finishing my biochemisrty test is my cleaning the whole house? Heaven knows I have no time for cleaning the week before. Answer: no, it's not weird.

That's boring. New subject. How about how muh husband and I bought 18 boxes of cereal on our datenight (yeah, when you're crazy busy datenight consists of a walmart trip- at least we finished with watching a movie at home!) and looked like crazy people...or maybe that just comes naturally regardless of amount of cereal bought.
There was a sale. Okay that subject is dead now.

How about how Clint and I got to see Trevor and Alyssa (some of our best friends) and hold their darling little boys who are growing up much too quickly?

What I really want to talk about is general conference. Since Sunday I have felt so much peace...in regards to every aspect of my life. SURPRISE, I have been really stressed lately and I feel like conference just wiped it all away. Clean slate. Bam. sigh. Now everyone take a deep breath :)

Clint and I went in with a lot of questions. They weren't necessarily answered how I would have guessed or how I would have liked, but I still feel so much peace. All I can think about since Sunday is how important family is. Elder Ballard's talk especially spoke to me. If you remember, recently I wrote about how much of a struggle it is for Clint and I to find time to spend together. Trying to get 36 hours out of a day when you only have 24 just doesn't work...go figure.
 I feel like his talk basically said that as long as you make family your priority, everything else will fall into place. I think we both needed to realign our mindset a bit. [Love isn't the same. Don't think for a second that this means we don't love each other with everything we have, but sometimes it's easy to lose sight of what is most important.] To make each other more of a priority, while still trying to be realistic, we have reestablished Family Home evening (a brief time spent together Monday nights mostly working around making our home Christ centered. we used to be really good about it but in the last few months haven't), weekly date nights (this can last as little as an hour and cost no money, but I know once a week, we WILL spend some carefree time together), and Sunday dinner together once a month alone. I think it's almost more of knowing that our time together is established, guaranteed, and I am a priority. Does that make sense? It's not just about spending 20 minutes together talking about how annoying the pigeons are that live on our balcony are [answer: INSANELY annoying], it's about feeling important. I already feel much better :)

Additionally, hearing all this jibber jabber about making families a priority is really fueling my baby hunger. I have a fever, and the only cure for it is darling little baby socks and onsies. It's a serious issue guys. I want a baby. Can I borrow yours? I don't know exactly when it'll happen for us, but I'm so excited for that phase of our lives. I'm excited to see two lines in the box and feel the first baby kick. Do you guys realize what a miracle that is? I can't wait to see our little boy or girl make the right choice and help someone or learn to read or the excitement when they learn what they're passionate about....I am just so excited to be a mom and I always have been. My mom has told me before that I was one of those people that was just born a mom. We shall see. Personally I am thankful Clint will be around to teach them how to be normal.

.....but seriously....can I borrow your baby?


Ali said...

When my baby girl comes you are MORE than welcome to come steal her for a bit ;) I'm the same way but luckily I only have 2 more months left to wait! ;) You are gonna have the cutest little munchkin whenever your time comes ;)

Sean and Deana said...

You can babysit for my little Noah sometime if you wish. We are always looking for babysitters for date night. The only cure for baby fever though is to have one. haha I hope you are able to keep your family time up and also get rid of those pigeons. Both very important.

Jordan Jaked said...

I just loved this post. I can't really put my finger on it, but the whole bit about making family a priority made me happy.

I'm in the business of borrowing babies lately, in order to keep my baby fever low. It generally works. :)

Kylie said...

I'm sure those little gestures will make all the difference. TJ and I could definitely be better about FHE. And as for a baby, it is so surreal. I can hardly believe it sometimes, but it is amazing. When it's right for you both and in the Lord's time, it will be the best experience.

Emma Frances said...

I love this post! :] So random and so perfect. Race and I have finally had time together for the first time in our marriage and it makes such a big difference. There are always things that we can work on though {FHE!} and we continue to do that! And you can totally borrow my little lady when she comes! Haha. And I am sure that when the time is right you will both know it and it will be WONDERFUL!

Katie said...

When I was in school, I would be so ecstatic when I would finally be able to clean our apartment! It was a great feeling. And we used to have pigeons on our balcony in our old apartment, too! They were so annoying. I heard that pigeons have lifelong partners, so they only way to get rid of both of them is to kill one of them...but that just sounds sad. Aaand I think we're on the same page as far as families and babies and whatnot are concerned :)

katilda said...

yay baby hunger! as soon as i feed my husband hunger i can move on to embrace that one :) i agree -- it is a miracle! OUR BODIES CREATE LITTLE HUMANS! i am amazed all the time. i just want to poke my body here and there and be like "hey! what's happening in there! you're a miracle!"