Saturday, March 10, 2012

Reverse reverse!

HAHA! My last post was so fun! I was so happy to hear some of you also find public restrooms creepy and that you share my disgust for finding warm chairs as well!

Today I want to share some instagrams and snapshots! :) These are in reverse chrono order!

 Trying to decide on dessert at chili's last night! We had a gift card PLUS a coupon for free dessert! SCORE! We ended up going with the oreo lava cake but we both decided that it doesn't make sense to have white cream with half white and half chocolate cake. It would have been better with all chocolate cake and this is coming from a hard core white cake girl. Have you guys had this? Stick with the original my friends. Or just don't buy this unless you have a coupon cuz are you SIREAL that it's SEVEN dolla billz!
 Making the signs for our cafe at school yesterday! We sold amazing black bean burgers, chicken mango asian sesame salad, chicken and roasted veggie quesadillas and black bean soup. Dudes it is a serious temptation every time I have that lab to buy everything we make.
 This is my trying to take notes in biochem and falling asleep. Having a 5pm class when you've been at school since 8am is tough! Especially with insanely monotone professors! Anyone else have notes that look like this? :)
 I convinced my best friend Britt to go with me to Oreganos between classes last week and split a pizookie. It was a GOOD day. Even though it was several hours after a small lunch, we still couldn't do it. We tried SO hard and were so close to finishing it. Serious A for effort.
 I am now ServSafe Certified what WHAT! Holla to ya moms!
 Me and Clint holding my best friends' Trevor and Alyssas' babies!!! They are so cute! I've been sick so I've been bummed I haven't been able to go see them again! They are just so darling! :) Also, Clint and I look good with a baby, eh?
 Taking note of what my notecards look like at the beginning of studying vs the end! ha!
 Oh just my nephew pimpin it up! I laughed SO hard when my sister sent me this picture. This kid is SO FUNNY.
 Clint being a smarty pants and studying while I wait to get some tests done.
 The mirror in my gynecologist. I've always thought it was hilarious. Thanks for giving me a compliment after an experience to make me feel just about as unpretty as anything! hahahaha. Also, when they heck was that made? Probably when my doctor was in 8th grade art.

 I might be obsessed. It's beautiful and I love it and I'm in love with it. Amen.
 Biochem studying. This class is seriously kicking my trash and making me feel like garbage and the dumbest kid on the block and I hate it and I want to drop out of school because of it. Sukkit!

 A beautiful snapdragon at the temple at night! So impressed with the camera on the iphone!
 Some fetcher who doesn't know how to park at our complex. Seriously, his parking privledges should be revoked, ESPECIALLY in apartment complexes where spots are already fought to the death over! He's on my poo list. Oh and he stayed like this for over 24 hours. NOT COOL MALIBU.
 Did I already show this? This is old but I love it! It's a picture of Clint and Lilly playing princesses when they discovered Jasmine has creepy eyes. It's true. So Lilly decided she was going to be the monster. Fine with me, she was kind of a brat anyway.
 I think this was from Feb photo a day which I totally dropped the ball on. It's my reflection in the lightrail doors. Also, sometimes I wear hats. My life is so exciting, you probably wouldn't be able to handle it.
Another feb photo leftover. View from work. It's a normal picture but seriously check out how AWESOME the reflection of the clouds are on the glass of my desk. The answer=awesome.

So I'm super ultra excited because this weekend Clint and I are actually spending time together! Until this weekend we hadn't been on a date since Valentines. Literally every weekend has been spend studying and doing nothing fun except possibly a 20 minute break to fold laundry while watching modern family. I AM SO EXCITED! What are you guys doing this weekend?


The Presutti's said...

Your ring is absolutely gorgeous :)

Megan said...

Your ring is stunning! Love it! I love that feeling when you notice it randomly during the day and it makes you smile. Marriage = awesome.

Y'all definitely look good with babies!!

Shalyn said...

Your instagrams always crack me up Alexis! I must have missed that parking one- that seriously gets my blood boiling. Really, anywhere that someone parks like that is ridiculous but ESPECIALLY in an apartment complex. grr.


Kylie said...

Pretty sure I've had notes look like that! One semester, I had class from 8 am to 9:30 with one two hour break thrown in there. It was rough. you know Dean and Sharon Lamoreaux? If you do....that's my aunt and uncle. Haha!

Andrea Dickherber said...

What is this pizookie thing?! I must know!

Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

P.S. Your ring is beautiful. I know the feeling-sometimes I just want to stare at mine too :)

Danielle said...

That is a STUNNING ring!! And I love pizookie. Your blog is adorable. Newest reader!

Sara Shoemaker said...

Oreganos!!! Oh my goodness that just might be what i miss about Arizona the very most. Their skookies are quite possibly the most amazing desserts on this planet, my mouth is watering now! so good. and wow you must do a Lot of studying! I hate note taking haha my handwriting starts to droop like that after a while too :P and ok wow that office is a hilarious place to put that mirror. beautiful.

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