Friday, February 17, 2012

What to do.

Clint and I were in Marshall's last weekend looking for a gift for my sister in law's birthday. 
Shoes? no
Shirts? no
Dresses? no
Home Decor? no
Purse? no
They didn't seem to have much.
But something Marshalls is never short of is ridiculous home random stuff. So I had the idea instead of getting a boring gift card, we just got a bunch of random stuff, then she could exchange it for whatever she wanted. Or you know, if she was into sultry middle eastern statues she could keep it. 
 What we found- wheezing duck dog toy, super model dish scrubber, and posing candle holder statue thing. awesome. We had a good laugh. I should have videoed it.
I would recommend this for your gift giving futures! 


Annie said...

haha, our roomies have almost the same dish scrubber! actually she has 2! one just has a black dress and her body is yellow and the other one the body is pink and covered in flowers, haha.

Katie said...

ahaha that's soo funny. i bet when she opened it, she was like, "uhh...thanks?"

Courtney B said...

I seriously wish that we lived near a Marshals!
Alexis! You need to change your email thingy to your comments! I SO want to email you back and have a private conversation!
And I realllllly wish we lived by each other so that we could help each other out and be friends in real life!

Anonymous said...

TOO FUNNY! y'all are great! totally sounds like something me and my sis would do. ;)


Kylie said...

That's pretty creative! The right person would find it hilarious!

Darby Arby said...

alexis girl, you crack me up! i wish we lived closer and i could call you for all my creative fun needs, such as this. sorry i've been seriously slacking at replying lately... i do read your blog and hope youre doing well!