Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hey Valentine

Hey handsome valentine.
Remember that time we first talked at Brittanys?
Remember how you thought I was so funny you just had to have me? ;)
Remember how I added you o facebook and you thought that meant 100% for sure I was crazy about you?
Remember how we basically talked non stop for two weeks before we even went out and I'm pretty sure I fell in love with you before we went on a date?

(first date)
Remember how you asked me on a date and I already had dates?
Remember how I texted you as soon as I got home from those dates and wanted to tell you so badly that I wished I was on those dates with you?
Remeber the time I told you all burritos were on sale so you'd let me buy you one?
Remember that game we played at Josh's where we had an excuse to hold hands?
Remember how hard it was to say goodnight?Remember that time we had our first date and I'm positive two people had never been more into one another?

Remember how long I made you wait to kiss me?
Remember how tears filled in your eyes and you told me how lucky you felt to be dating me after we had only gone out a few times?
Remember how much we laughed about the lady at the Thai restaurant who convinced us to move in together?
Remember the first time you told me you loved me?
Remember how you took it back and I told you to man up and admit that you really loved me and so you did and you brought me to flowers to work? :)
Remember how talking about marriage just felt natural?

Remember when we went to pick out the ring?
Remember how many thousand times Carolee said Oh my gosh!
Remember how last year this time you had just given me that circular sparkly thing that I stare at daily?
Remember how sweet you were to propose on your birthday?
Remember how I was just starting to get really sick?
Remember how we did a low key for Valentines last year and painted our salt and peper shakers that sit on our oven now? I love them!
Remember how sweet you were and how concerned you were when you drove me to the emergency room?
Remember how you held my hand so tightly when they did the spinal tap?

Remember how you took such good care of me?
Remember how we I had to withdrawal from school and you were so supportive?
Remember how you were so patient with my recovery even when you were working like crazy and I was sleeping until 10am?
Remember how our engagement had a lot of difficult bumps but they brought us so close together?
Remember how we spent so much time reading and setting goals- dedicated to making our marriage the best it could possibly be?

Remember how our wedding day was the greatest day in the history ever?!
Remember how many days we have spent doubled over from laughter?
Remember how many times you've made me smile from your kindness?
Remember how this marriage thing has been a piece of cake? Not only easy, but ENJOYABLE!
Remember how I love you so much-even more than Christmas or dancing or food or happy music or belly laughs or babies or my iphone or cute clothes or shoes or anything else awesome in the world. Because you know what? You're awesomer!! I love you Valentine!!!!!!!!!


Aleksandra said...

Such sweet photos!

Clint said...

I remember them all my dear! You are the best valentine anyone could ask for and I'm grateful for all of the wonderful memories that we share! You complete me!

Clint said...

... and i love you!!!

Bri Buzali said...

y'all are so cute! I love it! Happy Valentines Day :)

Courtney B said...

Oh Alexis. This is the SWEETEST post ever! I just adore how much you love Clint! You two are a match made in heaven FOR SURE ;)

Purposely at Home said...

to cute, alexis!!! what a great v-day post. :) i hope y'all are blessed with many more happy and amazing v-day's!


Amanda said...

Beautiful post, Alexis! Brought tears to my eyes! I think I want to do a remember when post :)

Annie said...

This is too precious. I can hardly stand it.

Nicole... given said...

this is going to sound so weird but i swear i saw you at the ASU christmas dance. i know... i guess i am a stalker now...

Emma Frances said...

This is so sweet! :] So many wonderful memories! And you just get to keep on making them!!

Anna said...

You're SO cute together. :)

katilda said...

well good golly if this didn't make me get little tinglies up and down my arms!

Elisabeth Gee said...

SOOO adorable. :) I almost started crying. That's love right there. :)