Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Mister's Birthday

We started Clint's birthday celebrations like any sane person would. With a free meal from Joe's real BBQ. Clint had to take a break from work and I had to rush to meet him during a break but it was all worth it. If you've forgotten, it's where we started his birthday last year too :) right before he proposed. 

Unfortunately the above 2 pictures are pretty much the only ones we got with our camera before it died. The rest are taken from my phone.

 The lady obviously got a really blurry shot of us. But we couldn't pass up the opportunity to have a "follow-up" shot. We have one of us in the same place last year.
 BBQ is food for the soul! :)

I work late so after I got home we did cake and presents!
Clint was pretty excited about his birthday cake! It was a chocolate cake with marshmallows, peanut butter, and chocolate chips baked in. It did not disappoint.
 Present time!
 He was pretty excited! I accidently cut out the picture but the present was of Star Wars episodes 1-3 on blu-ray. Yes my husband is a nerd and no I have no decided yet if I will watch the WHOLE series with him. Then I explained that we'd have to wait to get the second set of them.
 Realizing I was bluffing.
 Pure joy!
He can't contain himself.
 That actually is 23 candles. Go us!

 Some of our best friends/neighbors came over to eat cake or support Clint on his birthday. I can't remember which it was.

 I love my birthday boy.
I'd say the day was a success. I'm pretty sure he'd agree with me. I mean, I couldn't give him as good of a present as I did last year like the promise to be his wife forever...but I did my best. Love you Clint!


katilda said...

ahaha i first thought that the "can't remember which it was" line referred to whether or not they were your neighbors or your best friends. i was like "WELL WHICH IS IT??" bahaha.

Ali said...

I'm a total nerd too and Andrew bought me the complete series form my birthday last year!! ;) The cake looks delicious by the way!! And your hair is stinkin cute!

Lili said...

Happy Birthday Clint! :-D Also happy engagement anniversary you two!

Brooke said...

That's so cute that he proposed on his birthday. My sister and brother-in-law got engaged on his birthday, too, and it was awesome.

Megan said...

Y'all are so cute! I love his faces...he looks thrilled! Haha!! Happy birthday to him!!

Kara said...

Hahah this is too cute! I got my boy the same thing for Christmas and he freaked! We watched the first one (or actually the fourth one) together and have yet to move on from it. Crossing my fingers that you'll be that lucky too!

Carlie said...

That cake looks so good! Looks like a pretty fun birthday for Clint!

Courtney B said...

You are such a goooood wifey! Sounds like a GREAT birthday! I grew up on Star Wars and I still love those movies... surprised?? Haha! Actually... It's been a really long time since I've watched them. I guess Eric and I will be coming to visit to have a Star Wars marathon with you and Clint ;)

Kari said...

Hahaha Clint and my husband would be BFFs for sure! ;) J went to see Star Wars in 3D a few weeks ago! hahaha Looks like your husband had a great birthday! And you should post the recipe for that cake..my husband would totally be grateful! :)

Chelsea said...

I am obsessed with Star Wars. I'm not even kidding you. Go ahead. Ask me a trivia question. I will answer it in like, 2 seconds flat. No google.

Can I have that cake?

Oh, and can I have your face and your prettly little hair do?

Anna said...

That cake looks amazing! :)