Monday, February 13, 2012

To ease your Monday burdens

So my day started out kinda crappy. 
You know, 
with a teacher yelling at me about how crappy my project was and how I must have put it together 5 minutes before class and whatnot. 
I didn't get a word in that I had actually spent my fair share of hours on it this weekend, as well as spread throughout the past few weeks. 
You see, us nutrition students are a peculiar group. That's what everyone seems to tell us at least. We're over achievers. You tell us we only have to jump through ten hoops of fire to get 100%, we want to jump through fifteen, just in case. Well with this project I did everything the outline said I had to do and I felt even a little more. Problem was some people jumped through 25,000 hoops and me, along with about 40% of the class, who still actually did well, looked like procrastinating failing fools...and she didn't hold back her feelings. It was pretty embarrassing. I was disappointed. In myself for not going more above and beyond and in her for treating me like that. But whaddyagonna do! 
Se la ve...or whatever that saying is!

Since then my Monday has picked up. Clint and I had a delicious lunch with homemade soup and kiwis of deliciousness. We also had a fake smile contest. It's one of our favorites. You have to see who can fake smile for longest before real smiling. 
Here's Clint's . 
 Here's Mine:
We're both probably a little better at it than we probably should be. You should try it. 

In case that didn't pick up your mood. Check out my nephew. He couldn't decide if he was more hungry or tired. It's tough to be a baby I tell ya!

He did this for probably a solid 15 minutes.
This was the end product. Passed out at his first birthday party. 

Monday Funday I tell ya!!


Katie said...

Ahaha I love the fake smiling thing. Too funny. I kind of want to adopt it. That's pretty lame about your long as you fulfill the requirements, that should be enough, right? Lame. I'll go tell your teacher that, mmk?

karajean said...

Holy Moly. I am so grateful I was an English major, where the majority of the teachers are laid back and awesome. I can't believe yours are such beasts!

Glad your day is perking up though!

P.S. Another game night sometime? I think so.

Purposely at Home said...

i so totally love your fake smiles! ;D and your nephew is TOO CUTE!!!! happy v-day tomorrow, girlie.


Ashley said...

Glad your day is looking up! You two are hilarious! And your adorable nephew... oh my word. What a cutie!

Annie said...

haha, ok that video is so funny. seriously who falls asleep mid-bite?!
also, that is super lame and awful and well let's be honest.. sucky. that your teacher chewed you out for uhm doing your hw? some days it feels like you just can't win!!
But I'm sure your project was awesome! and I hope your week gets even better from here!

Sara Shoemaker said...

don't be so hard on yourself! sounds like your teacher is horrible. hahaha that fake smile contest is hilarious, I want to try that with my hubby haha. hey are you sitting at the ASU institute building in that photo?? I recognize it!

The House of Shoes

Nikskie said...

teachers are suppossed to encourage and guide. eeek. that must be awkward to get yelled at. keep your head up!

god! you guys are so entertaining. i choose fake smile of alexis wins over clint's

Lisa said...

Teachers really have no excuse for acting that way. If they have comments they want to make, they should do so in a mature manner. Ridiculing a student is no way to encourage them to do better.

Chelsea said...

Bleh. I'm sorry you had a crummy Monday. Teacher's can be so unpredictable.

I love fake smiles. They always turn into real ones.

Emma Frances said...

Gah! Frustrating Monday! Good thing you still got to spend some of it being goofy with the love of your life! :] And your nephew is adorable! So so funny!