Sunday, January 1, 2012


That I'm a real person.
And that singing is not a talent of mine.
And that I have gorgeous friends named Tia and Kelly.
And that I'm awkward.
And that I have a really ridiculous laugh.
And that I kind of look like a librarian with short hair. 
And that I know how to party on New Years Eve!!


Also, thanks so much for your support in my last post. It really means a lot to me :)


Gentri said...

LOVE the video! I never had any doubts that you were a real person, but thank you for clarifying. haha! And I love the short hair! It's super cute and very non-librarian.

Kara said...

Very cute! So glad yall had such a fantastic time!

Dawniepants said...

Hhahahahah this really made me chuckle!


elise @ elise's pieces said...

The video isn't working for me. Also, your blog will probably mark my comment as spam. :( Sad day, I was really looking forward to the proof of your real person-ness. ;)