Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's a new dawn

Good might be a lot of an over statement.
Today was the first day back to school. The university I attend shortened winter break by 2 weeks this semester. We are so not ready to go back. Our winter break was so busy too.
But oh well!
I'm going to be a good grown up and not drag my feet too much.
This semester I'm taking: Modern dance, Southwest gardening (both to just up credit hours), Food Service Management, Statistics, biochemistry, and biochem lab.
It's gonna be a busy semester but I'll just pretend I'm excited.

Oh, while you're here, why don't I just share some New Years pictures with you! We spent it with a bunch of my friends from my university ward. They're so much fun!

Remember this picture?
Some of you guys asked if it's real and the answer is YES. We just kept the shutter open for longer. Oh, and the part us being in a house? Yeah... we deactivated the smoke detectors.

Now you can see everyone!

It's okay. We're all married.
How about one with faces?

Told you they were fun. So what's with the grapes? It's a tradition to eat 12 grapes and make a wish for each one.

And here's me and my honey.

I know. I know. He's a mega hottie.
And yeah, I also know. The dress makes me look like I'm with child.

And here are some boys playing with fire:
It was fun! How was your New Year's? Oh, and sorry that video didn't work! I'll have to upload it again! ANy tips for downloading HD videos? Apparently my files are too big!

On Tuesday night, Clint and I caught ourselves up on the first episode of the Bachelor. Let me first tell you that I used to think the show was the dumbest thing ever. Then I actually watched it. My friend Tia got me hooked two summers ago when we'd watch with friends every week! Now I've gotten Clint hooked. All through the episode he kept talking about how lame the show is and how the girls are all crazy and whatnot. Then he came home last night and I asked him what he wanted to do. It went a little like this.
Clint: I want to watch the bachelor. It's all I can think about!
My husband is so funny. Don't you guys love him!?

Have you watched the bachelor? What do you think? Who is your pick? I think they did a dang good job picking a lot of crazies!



Britney Jean said...

i'm very impressed with that picture. it turned out great!

Katie said...

Love the 2012 picture! So cool. And you definitely don't look like you're "with child" haha but I totally have clothes that make me feel like I look like that, too! And I've only seen one episode of the Bachelor, but maybe I should give it another try...who knows... :)

Purposely at Home said...

love your new years pics! too cute. and that dress does NOT make you look pregnant! ;) love it, btw.
hope your having an amazing week!


Carlie said...

I just watched it last night. All the ladies seem crazy, but I can't not watch! It pulls me in every season! haha.

Ali said...

Andrew is dying too over having to go back to school so soon! But at least you're done sooner (like end of April/end of May)! He's got a lot on his plate too, silly universities!!

Kara said...

So sad you had to go back to school so stinkin early! At least you'll be out sooner for summer!

Leenie said...

I haven't watched Bachelor in forever! But I have heard so many people talk about this new season, so I think I might just jump on the bandwagon. And I love all the New Year's photos. So much joy and energy!

Erin said...

What a fun group of friends! I love that picture! :) Blah...sorry you have to go back to school!