Saturday, January 7, 2012

Awh shoot!

That's right!
Hottie Husband.
The shooting pictures have nothing to do with this post. Just for your viewing pleasure. Welcome!

So guess what! I had a really exciting day yesterday.
It all began with getting out of bed...which was the hardest part.
As soon as I tried to stand up, I got piercing pain in back which resulted in me making trex arms and noises and falling straight over.

 Then I used a heating pad, took 99 Ibupropens... and nothing helped. So I decided I was going to have to waddle through my day. It's beet going 3 days now. Whoever has a cure for me please stand up!

Then I met Nicki for lunch.
We talked about silly things like eating hot cheetos in high school to fit in even when you thought they were repulsive. BTW, if you live in Mesa/Gilbert/Phoenix, you should go to George's Gyros- super good and super healthy!
Then I went to a thrift store and got an awesome spice rack and made friends with the old ladies in there and talked about what a sad place this world is coming to and about how many billion ways I could use my spice rack. We laughed and smiled and I pictured us at a tea party. Something like this.

Only we had aposable thumbs and Mulan wasn't there.

Then I went to Superstition Ranch Market (another MUST if you live in the Mesa area) and got about a billion pounds of produce for 7 dolla billz. Holla for the cheap butternut squash (49 cent/lb) and blackberries(50 cent/6oz!) !!!!!!!

Then Clint and I got home at almost the same time. Remember him?
It's okay if you forgot.Yeah he's stuck with me forever. Poor guy. In my defense, I was just as crazy while we were dating. He knew what he was getting himself into.

Then we went to target to get some organizational stuff like another thing for my shoes and a file cabinet thing. Targets got it goin onnn in the organizational department, can I get an amen?
Then just as we were leaving my mom called me and told me that my iPhone just arrived (I didn't want it shipped to my apartment so I sent it to my parents house). Then I started screaming like Ralphie's little brother meeting Santa Clause. But in the excited way, not the sheer terror way.
So we went straight over to get my iphone activated. I love it. I feel like a...

You get the idea! And I've downloaded pinterest, blogger, and instagram! My name to follow on instagram is alexisks. Pinterest you can click here to follow me! I don't mean to brag or anything....but I have pretty good taste in stuff.

The rest of the night was fun too :) We spent it with these guys watching The Help. After reading the book I realize how much they cut out!
Now today will be spent working, doing statistics homework, grocery shopping and cleaning. You can't win em all!! :) What are you doing this weekend?


Anonymous said...

your story about meeting the little old ladies at the thrift store is so funny! have a good weekend!

Ali said...

I'm so jealous of the iPhone!!! I'm hoping to get one soon! Depends on if my MIL is willing to give up her upgrade hahaahaha ;) This weekend is taking down Christmas decorations and cleaning for our dinner/game night with our ONE couple friends hahahaha and their son ;) Oh and kicking the hubster's butt in gear about homework and organizing his semester in his new planner we bought him!

I am now ending my ridiculous novel of a comment ;)

Britney Jean said...

oooh i've been wanting to go to Superstition Ranch Market, but I've heard it's SOOOO busy...especially in the winter with the snowbirds. How bad is it? It's tough going to busy places with my baby because he gets restless in lines. So I keep chickening out. But I wanna go sooo bad!

Sounds like a good day. Besides the back pain...

Alexis Kaye said...

Britney- it's pretty busy! Some guy even yelled at me yesterday because I was getting my cart out of the way fast enough- haha! but I always end up going right in the middle of the day. I hear it's better in the morning or at night and that's also when they get the freshest stuff in! I would say just try it! If you don't like it you don't have to go back!

Gentri said...

I'm sorry about your back! That's no fun. :( Hope you feel better! I'm so excited that you have an iphone! Hooray! :D I will tell you that the pinterest app is dumb and doesn't ever work. It's easier just to use the safari for pinterest. They have a mobile version or you can view the full site. :)

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Dang that sounded like a good/fun productive day! I have been zero productive these last 2 weeks :( And I def added you on Instagram :) YAY! Glad you got an iPhone! They are the best huh! Also I suck at shooting guns and my husband is obsessed lol.

Nicole said...

yay for shooting! ;) i took hunter's safety when hubs and i were dating. i love being a well round girl.

ps. cannot wait to button swap with you. i am grabbing your button now. you can get mine on our sidebar.

thanks love!

Bon Bon said...

gorrrrgeous wedding photos! and the iphone, is pretty much glued to me 24-7. kid in a candy store, for sure:-) xoxo

Kari said...

You get an amen from me on the Target comment!!

Your post made me smile! :)

jennifer blair said...

Haha! The "aw shoot" and then the shooting pics got me! Haha!

Monica and Whitney said...

I love that last wedding photo! So gorgeous.

Ask the Duplex

Lisa said...

I read that eating red grapes reduces back pain.

Emmett Katherine said...

hope your back gets better soon, it sounds painful.

beautiful wedding pic btw :)

Karina Marie Powell said...

how sweet are you!? this blog is absolutely darling!! you guys are the absolute CUTEST!! i love it!

Lindsay R said...

wow! that is quite a day! I hope your back feels better and enjoy your new phone!


Shalyn said...

Back pain- YUCK! I had something similar last week and it ended up being a kidney infection. OUCH! Hope you are feeling better!

katilda said...

i don't even know how to start commenting on this post, i love so many parts of it so much. my back did that a couple times last year...who knows! all i did was reach for my phone and BAM! not even lying down made it feel better. i just lazed on my couch in contorted positions all day, whatever brought relief. psh.

also, my cousin once took me to george's gyros and informed that the only employees ever working are george and his greek-male-model sons....sho nuff, when i walked thru the door a bronzed god turned around w/ a glint in his teeth and said, "hi, welcome to george's!" the other day my roommate came home and said, "you'll never guess about this gyro place i found w/ the best-looking employee, and i screamed GEORGE'S!!!!