Saturday, November 19, 2011

True Life: I'm married.

Last night me and Clint were sitting on the couch.
Me: I'm tired
Clint: Me too
Me: I think it's bedtime.
Clint: Yeah.
Me: But I feel lame going to bed at 10:30 on a Friday night. Maybe we should play a game first. Monopoly?
Both of us: Nahhh
Me: Okay let's play rock paper scissors.

I won, for the record.
Then we went to bed.
at 10:31pm.
On a Friday.
After spending the night babysitting for some friends and going to the grocery store.
Party animals!

Then we got in bed and'll figure it out.
Me: I'm gonna start a Pavlov's dogs on you and tickle you ever time you fart so you'll stop!
Clint: It won't work. I mean, I'm sure the dogs said that too but-
Me: WHAT! 
HAHAHA! Maybe it's just funnier when you're slap happy and it's really late.

Also, in the middle of the night I got up to use the little girls room. I don't turn on the light because it wakes me up too much and I hate adjusting to the light. Let's just say Clint didn't put the seat down before bed and I was not a happy camper. Grossnasty!

Confession: While we were at Walmart last night, we bought a rubber snake. A family of pigeons has made our patio their home and they like to squack at all hours. We've destroyed their nest multiple times, put boxes out there so they can't get in the corners, you name it. Now that our patio is COVERED in a thick layer or pigion poo, we're fed up. Almost every morning Clint or I threaten to shoot them. [I'm not a mean person. I swear. Just don't mess with my sleep. It's dangerous, obviously.] Snakes scare away birds. We're gonna try putting it out there to scare them off.
Anyway. The lady checking us out asked Clint to scan the snake because she's deathly afraid of them. I laughed a little bit inside at her "whimpiness". Then when we got home and were unloading the bags, I squeled when I took it out of the bag and threw it on the floor. When I got up this morning and saw it. It scared the bleep out of me so much I jumped and almost went flying through the roof!
Sorry lady at walmart.
Judge not that ye might be judged.
Something like that.
Also, she was really nice. It's such a compliment when the people checking me out commend me on my money saving skillz. When your skill is legit you put a Z at the end, FYI. Clint and I together eat for less than $6 a day. Let's also bring up the fact that Clint eats a lot. Oh and we eat really good. The majority of what we eat is produce. YUM! Do you want to learn to pricematch/coupon clip? Imma give you a tutorial and cut your grocery bill in half, kay?

Also, this weekend we are celebrating our half-iversary! I made that word up a few months ago and I'm pretty proud of myself! I've been counting down the months, then weeks, then days.
 Our wedding day. I probably said something insanely funny. #typical.
[I've never used hashtags before. Honestly, I don't get it.]
Our wedding day!
[Still haven't showed you guys these pictures!]
I love this boy so much!
I thought I loved him as much as possible on our wedding day, but somehow it has just multiplied. I cannot say enough good things about marriage or about my sweet husband.
He's the Dr. to my Pepper.

[not that I'd know! Still doing no sugar, yes including DP, until thankgiving! I even turned down Paradise Bakery cookies yesterday! Someone please pat me on the back! Oops, I kinda detracted from the tenderness, huh?]


Carlie said...

You two are so cute! We have a bird problem too, but it doesn't sound nearly as bad as yours! Ours is in the tree out front of our bedroom, and every morning on the hour it squawks. It sounds like that bird at the beginning of The Middle (if you watch that show).

ashley.warner said...

teach me how to dougie...i mean how to coupon? whatever that means...i need to be thrifty when it comes to my meals :)

Annie said...

you get 6 pats on the back from me, because you and I both know how I feel about Paradise Bakery cookies. I'm fairly certain they are made with crack.
Also, we got to bed at 10:30 like every night! haha, sometimes not on the weekends but we have church at 8 am so that pretty much only leaves Friday nights, which Chase usually works, so scratch that. We are old people and go to bed early every night.

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

I'm really excited for the grocery tutorial. I shop a mean bargain but I just can't seem to make coupons actually work to my advantage...

Can't wait!

Megan said...

Hahahaha, this post is SO random! Kinda like you are hyped up on Red Bull or something! I love the conversation about going to bed glad that y'all played a rousing game of RPS to make the night complete!! Haha.

Erin said...

Ha ha ha I agree with Megan! :) This was so incredibly random and I loved it! :) You and your hubby sound like so much fun! I fell asleep incredibly early last night too! This whole getting older thing....clearly evident last night!

Ali said...

Um that rubber snake is the best story ever! One of the ladies at my shool has a fake cockaroach that she'll put randomly around my classroom just to freak me out! You'd think I'd know by now that it's not real but ya know.......

Kaycie- Redhead Memories said...

I LOVE your wedding pictures! I think for my one year anniversary I'm going to do a wedding celebration on the blog and share pictures. You two are so cute!

Nikskie said...

i'd probably jump to the moon and scream if i wake up and see the rubber scares me too

The Presutti's said...

Thanks for sharing this amazingly sweet and adorable post :)

Nicole said...

haha! this made me laugh! so awesome!

i have totally told hubs that we are boring. :) we literally spend so much time together and don't even want to be with other people after work. and we've been married almost six whole months!


Sara Shoemaker said...

aww, I love your wedding day pictures, you both look so Happy!! as it should be! :D and you should put up your funny conversations more often. so you've been married 6 months? excitement!!

The House of Shoes

Emma Frances said...

This is the best, most random post ever. I love it! Also, I think you should teach me how to feed me and my husband. Healthily and for an awesome deal! You really do have skillz! :]

katilda said...

hashtags come from twitter, because on there they actually turn into a link. That way if you want to see who ELSE is talking about #harrypotter or #teamedward, you can click on the hashtag and follow the stream of tweets. You're right, they make zero sense outside of twitter. Then again, i make up words all the time so i guess i'm not one to tell other bloggers what does or doesn't make sense. (Props on half-iversary, by the way.)

andy brienne said...

oh. my. gosh. you are hilarious. and you both are adorable. I love this.

Bon Bon said...

ok, so you guys are fun! it's official:-) hope your half-iversary weekend was filled-to-the-brim with love moments! xoxo

Meg {henninglove} said...

yup that is me and my husband too on a friday night going to bed at 10:30 it makes me feel so old. But being married can be tiring, I wouldn't have it any other way of course :-)