Thursday, November 17, 2011

The real reason I don't do fashion posts.

A couple weeks ago Clint took pictures for me after church for a "fashion post".
Let's be serious.
It did not go so great!

They start out normal. 

And then turn awkward real quick.
Clint- Curtsey babe! It's so cute!
Me- You've gotta be kidding.
Clint- stick your bum out.
Me- no
Clint- do it!
Me- I will not!
[we see who won]

Pictures are less awkward with a co-model.
Clint- sit on the steps. Put your hands under your chin.
Me- What am I? 12!
Clint- Now look off in the distance.
Me- HA! This is ridiculous. we're never doing this again!

Ha! He's a funny one!
So now you can stop asking for outfit pictures. You know why I stay away around these parts.
Now you get to see my awkward pictures.
Good news though. 
The purple tanktop was like $3 from Old Navy. They have got to have one of the best clearance racks!
Thanks for enduring my awkwardness friends!
[we're still friends right?!]

Big reason #2 I don't do outfit posts:
Within 5 seconds of walking in the door, I'm in sweatpants. Those aren't even cute girly sweatpants. They're literally from the men's section. I can't help that my rump craves comfort.

p.s. I've been going without sweets and soda until thanksgiving. I am dying. I've never wanted chocolate so badly in my life. COME FASTER TURKEY!!!


Emma Frances said...

Love this! I love that he tells you what to do! And you do it even when you don't want to! Haha. So funny! Also, I'm totally in sweatpants right away too! That's why I have to take pictures in the morning or they just don't happen! I do like your outfit though!!

patience said...

well, canadian thanksgiving has already past (it was lovely) so i say you can have some chocolate now...

karajean said...

1. Hahaha!!

2. I am also in sweats the second I come home. Or sometimes no pants at all.

3. I am ALSO go without sweets until Thanksgiving. But I only started on Monday, so it's not so bad yet.

Clint said...

haha youre not 12 youre just adorable! love you!

Sam {} said...

hahaha!! love your man's directions. too cute :)

i'm with you ...sweatpants as soon as possible!

Brooklyn McKenna said...

Very stylish! But the best part is that your personality is better :) Thanks for always being a fun read!

Megan said...

I think your outfit pictures are precious!! Do more. : )

And seriously, I am immediately in pajamas when I get home.

Adelyn said...

I 100% disagree with you! I love your outfit photos! I laughed my head off. :) And agreed. Old navy has the best clarence racks...found a pair of trouser jeans (originally $40) for $9...and a great sweater (originally $35) for $5. I kind of flipped out. haha.


katilda said...

i think some girls have this ability to do interesting things w/ their lips and not-awkward things with their hands and have mastered this interesting knock-kneed stance without looking like they have to pee......these things are foreign to me. Besides, blogs devoted entirely to fashion are b-oring. I'm glad you are not one of them.

Katie said...

yeah i agree with katie - i like all your posts, including the non-fashion ones. you are just a funny chica, let's be honest. also, about your last blog...i worry about all those things, too. and it is something that i have been working on for years. we can do this! :)

Purposely at Home said...

wow. clint is a pretty good picture taker. ;) you are too cute!

good for you for not having sweets until thanksgiving! you can do it!! only 6 more days!!! :D

eryka {from abcde} said...

You are too cute!

I am so glad you followed my blog, I returned the favor! Love yours!!!


Pamela said...

Too cute! I'm the same way, as soon as I get home I can't get into my lounge clothes quick enough! Well, they're really my pajamas ;) haha!

Darby Arby said...

bahaha, that's exactly how I feel!
also, i'm with ya on the sweats. and my husband didn't even own a pair of pj bottoms when we got married. just two pairs of bball shorts. Now, he has pj's and sweats galore and on our days off we don't even get out of them! muahahaha! i turned him to our side :)