Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Husband Edition.

Yesterday I was planning on blogging about Clint and my's half-iversary. It was Monday, FYI.
We both got sick. 
I was sick over the weekend, Clint was sick Monday. 
 Our halfiversary was spent with Clint laying in bed and me rubbing his back and hair and bringing him gatorade.
[When selecting the gatorade color, it was like I was deciding what color vomit I would most like to clean up. That's a choice no one wants to make.]

Let's be serious though.
That boy has changed my life forever in every good way imaginable.
I love him more than I thought was possible...and still somehow it grows

I wanted to make a thank-ful list, husband edition. Only I think the word thankful is a bit overused these last few days. Plus, it just doesn't seem strong enough. I'm going to stick with love.

I love how patient he is with me. I love that I can tell him what I'm feeling without the risk of being chastened. He's so kind and understanding. Most days it's amazing how much I can get done, but when I'm not feeling well he picks up my slack without complaint. When I ask something that could be thought of as a "dumb question" {are we going north or south? What year is it? what's that guys name again that you've told me 5 million times?} he never gets irritated and explains it so I understand.

I love that he still eats my burnt/crappy dinners. Except for that Mc. Nasty cornbread. Homeboy went straight in the tray-ash!

I love that he appreciates me. I love that he sees me as a smart, hard working, kind woman who is doing her best. That means so much to me. He loves me for who I am now...but still encourages me to be better.

 I love that he is such a hard worker. He works so hard. He is up before 6am most days and I've never heard him complain about it. I also love that he's not a complainer. Let's face it, that just doesn't make life fun.

I love how when I get frustrated trying to make something to work after 5 seconds, I hand it to Clint and he calmly reads the directions. I still don't think I've ever read directions in my life. Free spirit over heya! Clint is a rule follower. We fit perfectly together. He's my puzzle piece. 

I love that he lets me be me. I love that he encourages my silly goals whether it's learning to play the piano, speak spanish, get my masters, or even go gluten free! He hasn't tried to change me at all. He takes me as I am and loves me for it.

I love that most of the time he goes along with my crazy ideas. Like making caramel apples at 11pm or going without sweets until Thanksgiving [we actually broke it today at my work potluck! YES!] or doing girly workout videos with me or coloring my dog's hair pink while my parents are out of town. Oh wait. You never let me do the last one.... CLINT!
[sidenote: one time i suggested to my mom that we should get my dog's hair cut like a lion. He's a fluffy maltease. she did it. I will forever love that woman! I need to dig up the pictures.]

I love that he is my future baby daddy. It gives me hope our children could possibly turn out normal. Seriously though. When I think of him being the father to our little angels, I get a little teary eyed. I know he is going to make such an incredible daddy. He has such a loving heart.

I love that he is mine forever. I love that he is my husband. That thought still gives my butterflies! I love that at the end of the night when we're reunited, it always includes air-robbing hugs and showers of kisses. I love how good he is at loving me. I love that he's on my team- cheering me on.

I cannot say enough good things about that boy. Can you die from happiness? Can your heart explode from too much love!?
Sigh. I'm so in love.

Anyway. There are a few other things that I would be ungrateful if I didn't express my gratitude for them!

My health.
Despite my health struggles, at least they are to the point where I can mostly do my tasks every day. Some days are harder, but I rarely miss school and work and most of the time I do the launrdy before it consumes our cozy little apartment! Boo-ya uncooperative body!

This little princess.

She entered the world yesterday and she could not be more perfect! Oh I didn't tell you guys I was pregnant? Snap! Just kidding, this is my niece. My 2nd. My brother's first child. Her name is Paige Lilly. She was born at 7 pounds 7 ounces. There's nothing as pure and sweet as a band new baby. It's so beautiful.

My family!

My family is kind of all over the place. My brothers do fire fighting across the country, Marines, travel like crazy, work long hours, etc. It's pretty rare to have the whole family together, but when we are, we just pick up where we left off. I love my family. I am so proud of all of my siblings. All they've accomplished and the type of people they are! they're incredible! I've complained that by being the youngest I've had six parents, but now I'm grateful for every single one of them!

This year I get two families!

I'm blessed to have in-laws! This is my first year being official. I love Clint's family and they've been so sweet to look out for us!

My friends!

I have wonderful friends! I really do! In high school and junior high I would pray so hard for a best friend! I always had friends, but no one I ever felt like I really connected with. Heavenly Father would always answer me with something like, "be patient. It will come." It has. More than I could have imagined. These girls are like my friend-soulmates! Beyond this picture, there's many more. Thank you for being a friend to me! I appreciate it so much.

Honestly, students, let's stop complaining. Do you know how great of an opprotunity we have to get an education! The world is literally at our finger tips. If you want to be a doctor, pharmacist, mechanic, video game designer, chef, engineer, you go right ahead! Some people can only dream of what we have. I'm also so grateful for government help that has eased the burden of paying for school. Thank goodness grants love married students :) I'm also incredibly grateful I have something I'm passionate about. I could talk about food ALL DAY...and I usually do.

I'll leave it there. Long and simple. :) ha!
I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday weekend!

What are you thankful for? 


Clint said...

Thank you for the kind comments regardless of whether or not I'm deserving of all of them! You are an angel and I'm so thankful and happy to have you! I love you so very much sweetheart! I might have tugged my ear just a bit ;)

Ali said...

Oh you guys are digustingly cute! ;) I love it! And ^ that comment makes it THAT much better ;) BTW I'm totally jealous of your wedding photos (I don't have many of my actual day and my dad took the ones beforehand hahaha - we were broke...) ;) I love you guys! SO adorable!

Nikskie said...

i feel happy for you guys too.if i have to make a thank you list, it will take a loooong time to finish it.

Momma Bird said...

This was so beautiful :) You two look so happy together and will make gorgeous babies one day ;) ;)
Thank you for your sweet comment on Megan's blog yesterday, I really appreciate it :)
As far as your question:
I'm thankful to be spending Thanksgiving with my 3 favorite boys!

Purposely at Home said...

what a sweet post. and congrats on the neice! :)

curious elisabeth said...

ha ha! delightful! I found you through Elises blog

Megan said...

This is so so sweet!! Y'all are the cutest couple and y'all make me SO happy!!

Emma Frances said...

I love this! :) I need to dedicate a post to my sweet husband! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! And I also loved all the wedding pictures!

Annie said...

Can't believe I missed this post somehow. I love it! Isn't it so great to have found your other half?! your matching puzzle piece! Chase and I are definitely that way. Opposites attract in our case :)