Friday, November 25, 2011

halfiversary and turning 70 overnight.

I have always wondered what it would be like to grow old. 
Really old. 
Would you notice your wrinkles all of a sudden one day?
Would your knees stop working gradually?
Do gray hairs come one by one...or in herds?
When do you decide it's time to buy prune juice?
What makes you decide to finally give in and buy the "grandma shoes"?

These are all things I have wondered. 
Until today. 
I was just uploading some pictures from me and Clint's half-iverary when I found THIS!
Do you see what I see?
Look close!
Here's a second try. 
Yeah? YEAH! 
It's not normal to have crow's feet at 21, almost 22 years old!
I thought it was a fluke, until I saw the second one. 

looks like imma run to target and get the most expensive wrinkle cream my 21 year old self can buy!

This week I had this as my facebook status:
My body always hurts. I go to bed at 10pm. I wear ugly shoes because they're comfy. I'm secretly 68 years old.

I'm just gonna say be careful what you put on facebook because it might just come true! 

It's alright. Wrinkles are a sign of life well lived...right?


Megan said...

Hahahahaha, girl, you are so silly!! I was like, what the heck is she talking about?! I definitely didn't notice them!! : ) But hey, if you're 68 it means you've lived a great life. Surely.

Kara said...

Lol I'm secretly 68 too! All my friends call me Mom or Grandma because we're just so different!

Drew said...

they just mean you love to smile!

karajean said...

Haha. I read that you are supposed to start wearing wrinkle cream in your early twenties in order for it to be effective. What?! Nonsense. Besides, I don't even think I hate wrinkles all that much.

Kari said...

Hahaha this post made me giggle because I think inside I'm a 70 year old as well. Last night we went out with some friends and we got back to our friend's house at 9:30 and all 4 of us just collapsed on the couch. We all at that exact moment realized how old we felt!

Emma Frances said...

Baha! You're awesome! :) I had a crush on a boy in seventh grade who had crows feet when he smiled and they were just about my favorite thing in the world! So I will never associate them with old people. Haha.

Ali said...

I say crow's feet mean you laugh a lot ;) And that's the best way to grow old ;) But I totally hear you on being old (you should see my fashion sense!)

Jennifer said...

Happy 6 months! You guys are so cute!

PS: I'm secretly an old woman too! Ha!

ashley.warner said...

it's ok to be old...i have crowsfeet too! yikes!

but i just continue to work it girl! :)

Purposely at Home said...

you are TOO. FUNNY. you do NOT have wrinkles!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Oh girl, you look beautiful...but don't fret, i have crows feet too.

Elle Sees said...

ive had them forever, but order some Wrinkies or Frownies, they really work!

amy (metz) walker said...

Those are NOT crows feet, your eyes are smiling! ;)

Ashley Eliza said...

girl you are so funny! you are just smilin away. you guys are so cute!! and i feel like im 80 i cant stay up late as i used to .. its pathetic.