Wednesday, July 6, 2011

what it looks like to be my belly.

Remember that time where you were like, Hey Alexis, show me what it looks like to be your belly.
Well, this is the time where I show you.
This is what breakfast looks like. Fat free milk with some kind of semi-healthy cereal. Have you tried the banana nut cheerios?! Seriously SO good! And look at that box, natural flavors. That's a big plus in my book. Plus there are always coupons for general mills in my sunday paper! I only have it with one piece of fruit, not two. Two looked better in the picture. But while we're talking, I should tell you that I price matched those nectarines for $.77 a pound! Holla for the monies!
p.s. why do macs make everything backwards?!
Welcome to lunch. This is what I like to call quinoa nachos. Take some cooked quinoa, microwave it with some shredded cheese, then pile it high with homemade freakin delicious salsa and hummus. I also broke up a piece of lean turkey meat and ate it with it. I had just danced for 2 hours and I wanted to get my protein in during that 45 minute window to build up muh bulging muscles! Did you know quinoa is super high in protein [a complete protien!] and iron? And it's really tasty too. Eat up kids!

Welcome to dinner! Looks good, don't it? Well, it was. Want some directions?!
Take two chicken breasts. Place in ziplock bag. Beat the poo out of them with the bottom of a pot. take them out of the bag and put them in a delicious bath [marinade] of Itallian dressing, olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, and itallian seasoning. Ask me how much of what and I would have no idea. couple shakes here, couple splashed there. I don't think you can really go wrong. This was honestly probably the best flavored chicken I've ever had. The acids from the vinegar and lemon juice, along with beating the poo out of it, tenderize the meat to perfection! Marinade a few hours.
Then you beat it into some bread crumbs and pop it in the oven at 350 til done. Don't you love my specific recipes? You can grill it too. Then you put a layer of that same delicious avacado cilantro hummus that starred my lunch, then pile it high with veggies! We used roma tomatoes (also price matched at $.77 a pound!) and romain lettuce. It would have been super good with cucumbers, but we didn't have any. Please make this. Then we can talk about our salivating taste buds together, yes? Really, you'll thank me!
We finished off dinner with a smoothie. We threw a peach and a ton of strawberries in the blender with some ice and a few spoonfuls of yogurt. It was the perfect summer treat!

Now you really want to be my belly don't you?
actually. it doesn't exactly look like that. Mash everything together and add in some nasty stomach acids.

I'm just now noticing how I ate a boatload of fruit and not much veggies. Welcome to Summer I guess! :)

Want to hear some other exciting news?
Check out my sweet new color combo!

Tell me you don't love the purple and green together. Actually, don't tell me. That's the opposite point I'm trying to make. I wore it with a brown knee-length skirt and floral print wedges...which made my sorefromdance muscles feel like I had 30 pound ankle weights on. Lesson learned.

There you have it. Add in some dance class, some muscles-that-are-so-sore-it-hurts-to-dress-yourself, and some working-for-a living and you'd have a day in the life of me! Oh, add in pinching my husbands bum. And a shower- I don't want you to think I don't shower. And some cuddle time after dinner. And maybe some laundry. And some dishes. And some more laundry. Okay, I'm really done now.
Glamorous, eh?

What's your favorite part of the day?

oh. I almost forgot. Want to hear something funny?
[over text]
me: You are freaking awesome!
Clint: New York New York Mischa Barton.
que blank stare
Clint: That's what voice recognition said when I meant: "You are wifey!"
Say WHAT! I'm not seeing a correlation, you? 


Cindy said...

Ah I do want to be in your belly! In a...creepy, not eaten

I really think the chicken sounds good! Hahaha I love your verbs of beating it and more beating it! LOL perfect way to describe it!

And sweet about the nutrition thing! I have a friend who just got into a nutrition program! We definitely need nutritionists. :)

Lex C. said...

Oh my gosh I want to live with you!! haha I wish you were my roommate!!! I never knew there were banana nut cheerios!!!??? yummm!!!!

and i LOVE quinoa!! anything quinoa or lentils, makes my day. i'm totally making your lunch for myself!

LaynahRose said...

Oh my goodness I laughed out LOUD at the text conversation! I've been eating terribly lately, thanks for the motivation!

Megan said...

My belly hates your belly. My belly has chick-fil-a and chips in it and is pretty jealous of yours. #fatty

Marie Duplessis said...

i like read this blog..
i'm following u

celestial* said...

Two things:
1. I almost peed my pantalones at the "beat the poo" out of it statement, both times.
2. I LOVE/HATE voice recognition technology. We have it on our phones at work and it is really funny sometimes and really frustrating others. My favorite (for both reasons) is when people reply to our emails with voice recognition and then don't proofread. The end.

Pamela said...

Thanks for the comment! :) The chicken sounds really good!!

Emily Marie said...

Haha - this post made me laugh. The food choices are all so healthy! Makes me want to step it up!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

LOL! Those texts totally cracked me up! And you've made me hungry!

Kaycie said...

Yum! I've never had quinoa, what is it?? And cute shirt!! I think my favorite part was when you "beat the poo" out of the chicken. :)

katielizabethawkes said...

Ok ok what you MUST eat is a WHITE nectarine. Look for them at the'll forget regular nectarines ever existed. I'm certain those little lovelies are what's dangling from the tree of life. Mmmmmmmm

Becca and Derek said...

Glad I found someone who shares my love of saying "poo/poop" in every day lingo. Looks yummy, yummy!

Shalyn said...

Okay, loving the purple and green combo- you look fantastic from the little screen shot I see of you, ha! You eat so healthy- I want to try quinoa!

Jennifer said...

bahahaha! love it! =) great post girl! I linked it up for ya this week! <3