Thursday, July 7, 2011

liquid happiness.

Liquid happiness comes in a few forms. Two of which are the following.

The Nectar of the gods. [photo source]

Fun, bright nail polish.

Aside from getting my hand stuck in the water vending machine this morning [true story, I was almost late for class], my day started out pretty normal. I dragged my sore bum to dance class at 9AM, where I spent the next two hours. When I walked out of class, I returned a phonecall from a number that has been calling me nonstop. I was hoping it was someone from ASU to tell me my scholarship had been reinstated. It was the exact opposite of what I had hoped for. I was hoping to hear a delighted voice on the phone tell me they wanted to give me back my $3750/year for school. I already pictured the smile that would be on my face. I would tell the person on the other end that they were my hero, and possibly, that I loved them. Instead, I heard the voice of most probably the grumpiest person I have ever talked to tell me that I owe almost $700 in hospital bills. [remember my meningitis delight earlier this year?] say WHAT. I had paid some already and thought insurance had covered the remainder. She was mean. I couldn't understand why she was so rude telling me that I owe a bunch of money. Aren't I supposed to be the one with reason to be upset?  Not the one trying to calm her down. Nod ya heads. I called Clint and told him someone needs to get that girl a teddy bear because she clearly doesn't know how to smile.

Anyway, we talked on the phone about it. I apologized for getting sick. I might have been crying. I told him it was my fault and maybe if I washed my hands more I wouldn't have gotten sick. That made him laugh. Him laughing made me smile. He did his best husbandly duty and told me to not worry and that things would work out. Everything is going to be okay.

After I got over my initial upset/panic about the condition of our bank account being able to survive the next school year, I stepped back. If there's one thing I've learned from this ride called life it's that the big guy upstairs and I have rarely the same idea of what's to happen in my life. So then I started thinking. What am I to learn from this? Is this to increase my faith? Heavenly Father will take care of us. That I know. Is this to push my life in a different direction? Encourage me to find a new job and be in a new place where He needs me? I find it ironic that this happens the day following my morning prayer asking sincerely that our financial situation will be taken care of and if I need to find a new job that I will be guided to do so. And then I remember, even when things don't work out, they still work out. Life goes on no matter what. No matter how many things go wrong, a thousand more always go right. Sure, my hand got stuck in the vending machine [yes, I'm not kidding] and Miss grumpy yelled as if I had murdered her cat in the middle of the night, but I couldn't even count on my hands all the things that went right.

My grateful list for July 7th, 2011:
I went to dance today. Oh, how I love to dance!
I am safe. No car wrecks. Phew!
My husband and I both went to work today. We're blessed to have employment.
Our cupboards have food!
We are healthy.
I have the opprotunity to advance my blog. More deets to come!
We are more in love than any other two people!
We are blessed with the gospel and scriptures in our home.
We know the power of prayer and how it can help us.
We have wonderful family!
I just got a new opprotunity to nanny.
Liquid happiness is a real phenomenon!

Yep, you best believe I partook in those two lovlies earlier! Aside from the holiday Monday, I have gone all week without a sip of DP. However, I was in need of a bubbly pick-me-up. I'm convinced there are tiny people in the bubbles that tickle your tummy with happiness. Oops, that was kinda creepy wasn't it? Scratch that. Then I painted my nails, which I rarely do. Mostly just when I'm upset about something. It makes me happy to look down and see the colors jumping around on the keyboard... like they are now. :) Then I was reminded of why I never paint my nails. 

I can never sit still long enough for them to dry! Check out how whack they look! I don't know why my computer made them look so neon. It's a pretty color: Green with Envy by Sally Hansen.
On the bright side, not only do I smile when I see them, I laugh at how terrible they turned out!  

What's on your thankful list today?

p.s. remember the voice recognition funny from yesterday [if not, read it now]? There's another one today.
Me: I love you so much!
Clint: New York New York New York New York Not Engineering.
Que another blank stare.
Clint: Voice recognition loves New York Apparently.I meant to say that I can work as much as I want at Engineering tomorrow.
HAHA! That made me laugh! Do you guys have any funnies from voice recognition?


Jen said...

1. The voice recognition thing just made me laugh out loud. for the second night in a row. and I really needed to laugh right now, so thanks
2. You kind of read my mind/spoke for me. I've been practically pleading with God to give me answers about certain things, and then I feel I'm getting just the opposite of the answer I expect/want. At this point I have NO idea where He's trying to lead me but I'm trying to be patient while things work themselves out.
3. Your nails made me laugh out loud too. Not laughing at you. Just laughing cause the same exact thing happens to mine. every time. Lol :-)

Cindy said...

Awh sorry about your nails, Alexis! I feel the same...I'm too impatient to let them dry! xD

It's great that you can look on the positive side even though that woman DID sound like her cat was murdered by you in the middle of the night. People like that need more love than we do.

I'm thankful for having the basic necessities, good people in my life, a calm heart, and strong faith:)

Kaycie said...

EXACTLY my problem with nail painting. I painted them right before a road trip and hardly touched a THING for 6 hours. They still got scratches and dents. Ha!

And I definitely agree about the wonderful nectar that is DP. MMM!

I love your thankful list!

Dana Richards said...

Hahaha I love DP AND I'm totally terrible at painting my nails, I never bother these days.

Excited to hear your blog news!

Kristine said...

The voice recognition cracks me up! So funny what it comes up with sometimes...

Getting your hand stuck in the vending machine is the worst! Not that it's ever happened to me...hahaha.

Great thankful list!

Amy said...

I've seen those nail colors at Walmart and I really want the blue one!

amy day to day

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

Awww, I LOVE your blog! Thanks for stopping by Love is the Adventure. I hope you'll come back and visit. I'll be holding a fun, little giveaway in a couple weeks that I'm pretty jazzed about.

Congratulations on your wedding! Your pictures are absolutely wonderful. I'm excited to follow you on your fun new adventure!

Let's thankful list for today...

-I got to stop by the farmer's market today and buy some fresh vegetables!

-Kyle and I had a disagreement this evening but instead of saying anything mean, we managed to work through it without getting angry.

-Kyle's job

-A reminder today about how fortunate I am to be able to pursue graduate school

-A good conversation with a friend

-Some time to clean out my pantry and kitchen drawers (they desperately needed it! I'm kind of embarassed about how old some of my spices were...)

Well, this comment is entirely too long. :)

love, elizabeth

Courtney B said...

I am the same way with my nails girl!! They always smudge after 2 seconds!
And voice recognition? For texting? I am so behind the times here...
And I would be on the phone with your insurance in 2 seconds flat. Sometime's they try to get away with not paying the bills so you have to be on top of them!
I'm sorry Alexis, but I agree. Everything WILL work out! We have to learn these lessons somehow :) It is truly amazing how the Lord will provide though!

Andrea Neudorf said...

Just read the whole first page of your blog, adorable! Thanks for the sweet comment earlier!!

Katie said...

Hahahaha. I hope you guys never stop using the voice recognition thing. ALSO. I never paint my nails because something always goes awry. So. I've decided just to not paint my nails unless someone else does it for me :)

Sara Shoemaker said...

hahah you make me laugh. you're such a real blogger I love reading what you have to say! great nails by the way ;)

The House of Shoes

emmielou said...

Thanks, and your blog is super cute. Love the yellow umbrella pic.

Ashley Slater said...

aw, so sorry you found out about owing all that money. I know how you feel about making a plan for yourself and then having to give it up and just trust that God knows best....because He does and He wants the BEST things for those who are faithful to him. (and actually, for those that aren't too but that is another story).

I am also glad I am not the only person who is a bad nail painter. We should start a support group. ;)

hang in there girl!

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

ughhhhh so many bills already and to have a hospital bill on top of that??? ek. I'm sorry girl! But I'm glad you are looking at the good and not the bad, and I really hope that scholarship lady calls you soon, and gives you good news.

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

getting you hand stuck that's a major bummer. but super funny from an outside perspective hahaha

Vivian said...

I can't get enough of how beautiful your wedding pictures are. And you look precious in your arabesque pose. Thank you for stopping by. Two dancers in common must follow each other :)

Amanda said...

I have 2 of those colors! And I paint my nails at the office because I don't move around when I'm doing work, otherwise they smudge like yours did!

Happy Friday :)

katielizabethawkes said...

i own that yellow shirt! i own that yellow shirt! and it is my most favorite of shirts!!

Monica Whitney said...

This makes me want to go buy some fun nail polish. And, then be grateful for it!

Ask the Duplex

Megan said...

I love love LOVE that color on your nails!! I always do the same thing...paint them and then immediately want to get up and do something that messes them up.

Becca and Derek said...

I vote for DP- diet in my case. I can't paint my nails. I am NOT good at it on ANYONE or myself. So sad. :(

Chelsea said...

Grateful lists are so good for getting out of the dumps. Way to be positive!

I friggin' loved this post. Ha ha. I've read it like three times.

I never paint my nails because I suck.

And I'm way excited to hear your blogging news!

celestial* said...

Hi, my name is Celestial, and I've been DP free for... 3 days? Oh man am I addicted. It really does have happy tickly bubbles. Truly.

Shalyn said...

When you commented on my blog about our posts being similar I was so excited to read this and you never dissapoint- you said what I wanted to just way more eloquently:-) I love your positive attitude- instead of saying its not fair you are asking what you need to learn and I love that! I hope we both get our answers very soon:-)

Isabella Kiss said...

the color of that nail polish is lovely. although I think part of your problem with letting it dry is that particular brand, and not you. i have bought a couple of those and they NEVER dry. they are always sticky, or peel like glue when after like 20 minutes. the bottles say "hard as nails" but...i haven't had that experience with that brand. I really like "Sinful Colors." It is quality, but cheap. Can be purchased at any walgreen/cvs type store.
just thought id share...