Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bloggers Block.

I never really decide what I'm going to write before I open up blogger.
Once that nice, white empty space is in front of me, I just write whatever comes.
But today, there's nothing. Maybe it's all that water I got in my brain [ears] swimming at 4th of July BBQs yesterday.

So instead of writing a painfully boring post, for both you and I, I will leave you a few thoughts and a few pictures. Nope, still not tired of our wedding photos. If you behave well you might see some honeymoon pictures.

My plan and what happens aren't the same things. I had my plan perfectly lined up for graduation. I was supposed to be done with school forever in 10 months. Instead, thanks to meningitis, I have 17.
Boo. Hiss. Splat.
[that last one was a tomato being thrown right at Meningitis' shnoz].

Did you guys know that I have an awesome friend [yeah we go way back] who has a craft blog? You didn't? Then you probably don't know that she's doing a bomb giveaway!
Check out her blog here.
Also make sure you take a look at all the other things she's done. There's a dang cute pillow cover, refinished furniture, and  picture frames. You will like it. Pinky promise.
First honeymoon picture say WHAT! Apparently I believe in packing really ugly clothes and not caring what I look like on vacation. I say apparently like I didn't already know that but I totally did. I only wore make up once. I only wore a semi-cute outfit once. You know what they say, good things in small doses. 
 Car dancing on our way to Hana!
And in a semi-related note, after my 3 year absence, my toes have once again hit the dancefloor! Today was my first day back in dance. Mordern Jazz saywhat! It's awesome and I love it and I'm so happy I just want to squeeze a teddy bear and write Santa a letter! I can't say how good it feels to be back. And terrible. Holy cow I forgot what hard work it is! Halfway through our warm up/workout the boy next to me [yes, a boy] leans over and says something about how he just died. I forget how I can't feel my legs and think I just died and went to heaven. It was gross though. There was not a undrenched spot on his obvious gray shirt by the end.
Now I just want to say how grateful I am to live in the country of opprotunity. You can be anything you want to here. I love it. I appreciate all who fought and are still fighting for our freedom. It's hard for me to voice my gratitude but trust me, it's there. There really isn't anything like it. Plus, I like living somewhere where you can buy Greek, Mexican, Itallian, American, and Thai all on the same block. I like my food, okay?

this is a good song.

That's all.
Have a good one guys.
p.s. thanks for still reading my blog despite my ruhdikyolos spelling errors, grammer mistakeses and scatterbrained[SQUIRREL!]-ness. You guys are off the heezey.


Courtney B said...

Yay!! I love that your dancing again! I would love to start dancing again, but I'd have to start from scratch and that would be so frustrating for me to suck at it haha!
And I still am loving your wedding pictures! So gorgeous!

Shalyn said...

Loving the honeymoon pictures- you are adorable with or without makeup! And yay for dancing again! Nothing better than doing something you love:-)

Shalyn said...

PS. I followed that AWESOME craft blog and want that hanging thing! SO CUTE! Do I leave a comment with your name? Or do you leave a comment saying you referred me? I dont get it...ha

Alexis Kaye said...

Shalyn: I think you are supposed to get another friend to follow. If you do, comment and leave their name and then you BOTH get the prize! But I'm pretty sure you can still enter if you can't find someone to follow. :) but leave a comment either way saying you want it!

And Courtney: It is SO hard staring from scratch! 3 years is WAY too long of a break! But I'm surprised with how much I can still do! You should start again :)

Silver Strands said...

Oh how sweet! Just found you. Love your blog :)

Cindy said...

Hahaha Alexis you are too funny :) of course I would read your blog regardless of your grammar mistakes and mentions of SQUIRREELLSS! xD!!

I think you look pretty in your honeymoon photos still without makeup! Makeup doesn't make the woman...the woman makes...the makeup...in a contextual and literal sense (like if you're a chemist for a cosmetics company then it's like sooo literal) hahah

And I envy your food accesssss! That all sounds so good! And yay for gettin' back on the dance floor! I haven't followed you for long so what are you going to school for? I'm sorry it's taking longer! That's a bummer!

Becca and Derek said...

Your honeymoon pictures make me want to go back and do ours again! If only we could re-kindle it at our year mark next month... darn student loans! ha ha
Cute post! :) :)


Gentri said...

It's totally understandable to have bloggers block. You are GOOD to be able to just open up blogger and write. My posts are lame when I do that. Hahaha! I have to have a plan. But your posts are all still awesome! Just like you!

Kaycie said...

At least you looked cute when you got proposed to! I just thought we were going to the Grand Canyon and doing lots of road tripping, so I got comfy. At least I wore make-up that day, haha. Otherwise there wouldn't have been a ton of pictures from that day!

Lisa said...

Oh how I love the beauty of Hana. I'm sure you had a blast there.

Ashley said...

I'm totally with you on the plans and what happens thing. I have a talk with myself about it, ALL the time!

Marie Photographie said...

Well aren't you adorable! I thoroughly enjoyed this read, especially the part about your honeymoon attire. Sometimes the ugly clothes are the cutest. Shows just how comfortable you were with your hubby. :) Love it!

Notes She Wrote

LaynahRose said...

Yayy, honeymoon pictures! And no, I am definitely not sick of wedding pictures. I'll just keep vicariously living married life through you until Mr. Right comes along (or back from his mission...) lol :)

Michaela said...

I never get tired of wedding pictures either! You're gorg (:

elise said...

I love your stinkin' guts.

Jennifer said...

Honeymoon pics!!! More! I love them! I get bloggers block too...which is normally when I just post pictures. :)

Mrs. T said...

Well, you wrote a pretty beautiful post for having writers block! :)

ashley.warner said...

um, hello!
girlfriend, you're gorgeous NO MATTER WHAT! I love your honeymoon pics. I am mega jealous of the Hawaii adventure.

maybe i'll venture there when i wed one day...hehe

glad you feel that way. sometimes i feel like i have CRAP to say and yet i still post it. grrr

karajean said...

I have been having the worst Bloggers Block lately. I blame it on the fact that I have been working so much, and therefore when I get a couple of minutes on the computer I haven't had time to think of anything to say. And I don't take the time because I just want to hang out with Scott. I need to step it up! Blah!

Ashley Sloan said...

I love your unplanned post! Came out good ha. I am the opposite. I have hundreds of things I want to write about and not enough time haha.

And so glad that you are dancing again!! SO EXCITING!!! I LOVE DANCE! I minored in it at BYU. Did you ever dance w/Chantell?

Also, thanks for reading my guest post at the Newlywed Pingrees. You are too sweet.

And if you want to take a look, I'm having a giveaway on my blog now:) Have a good day!

Ashley Sloan

Megan said...

YAYYYYYYYYYY for honeymoon pictures...aka "where the magic happened." Haha!! : )

Mrs. T said...


WATCH IT!!! :) a girl found it from a site not netflix!! and do you have twitter?? find me on twitter!!!
theres a movie twitter party! lol

Castle Fashion said...

Awww. Honeymoon :X I can't wait till I go on my honeymoon (Coughnotevenmarriedyettearscough)

Anyway, it looks like you had fun :) Congrats. And I know what you mean about the Bloggers Block. I just had that a few days ago. It was awful. I think that best thing to do in that scenario is to just take a break from blogger for a few days.

Castle Fashion

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Aw you two are so cute, I love your wedding pics!

Get Craftlicious said...

Get Craftlicious loves ALEXIS! Maybe I'll have to do a special giveaway for A Beautiful Day to be Alive followers... Let's chat. I may or may not have something in the works... =)

visit me at

Brooke said...

What a cute post! I love your wedding pictures. I'm supposed to be done with school already too...it's taking forever!!