Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's not my birthday.

I've always thought about making a wish list on here. But, I always come up with that idea around some time where getting me presents would be appropriate. What are the chances? Since it's no where near my birthday, Christmas, anniversary, valentines, MLK day or St. Pattie's day, I can share my list without the risk of looking like a begger. Clever, eh?
photo source
I am dying for a polaroid camera and have been for some time. I dream of a photo wall I will make. Picture clothespins, yellow ribbon and lace, and some sweet photos I'm gonna take.

This particular beauty is only $168. No bad right? I would lay in bed with a smile on my face every night if I could make something like this. Isn't it incredible? I think clothes are so beautiful. I think saving money is also beautiful, hence the making it idea.
My summer wish would be to have a pair of yellow wedges. Do you not love them? Only answer if your response is "I LOVE THEM!" All caps required.

I really really really really really love this chair. Not only do I want it, I need it. It was designed for my heart. Our apartment needs some sprucing. 
photo source
Anyone noticing a color theme? I don't know why I love the simplicity of this clock so much. I also don't know why it costs sixty smackaroos.

Rain! I miss the summer monsoons in Tucson. One time my brother convinced me to jump on the trampoline in a thunderstorm. Lightning struck the trampoline. I had a goose egg the size of a goose egg on my forehead!

I WANT a garden! We have zero dirt. I'm thinking about trying a few plants in pots on our patio. Anyone have any gardening tips for me?

I want to be here. Con mi esposo. That is all.
The most delicious burger I've had in my whole life was had at Cool Cat's. Have you ever been there? Hang on while I wipe up my drool. It's incredible. That was one of the only meals out we ate on our honeymoon and it was well chosen. I would fly back to Maui just for another one.

Since our moneytree seems to have been growing extra slow lately, these items will likely stay wishes. I still love to dream! But I mean, if you want to get me something for fourth of July or Halloween or something, you've got options.
What's on your wish list today?


Sara Shoemaker said...

oh my goodness I just saw this blogger wearing what I THink is that same exact skirt. and she's also hosting a giveaway for a Very similar black skirt w/ a bow! if you want it's right here --->
well anyway, i need that chair too. wow. LOVE. IT.

The House of Shoes

LaynahRose said...

Ha you make me laugh. And dang it now you have me dreaming of all the things I would do with a polaroid!

Lisa said...

I wanted to ask you. Did you get a chance to try the guri guri or Komoda's cream puffs/stick doughnuts while you were on Maui?

Gentri said...

I found a Polaroid at an antique store today for $6. It was an antique though (obviously) and I didnt know if it would work or where to buy film... So I didn't buy it... But I would love one!

Jessica said...

looks like my kind of wish those shoes! and the rain.

Ashley Sloan said...

That is awesome you know Chantell...she is the best and I miss her (since I moved away from good ole Provo!

I love this list! That skirt is cute...I love those types...they need to make more longer skirts w/zero slits ha.

Oh and I want to go camping too! I really need to plan that ASAP!

And cute wedges, get some :) Have a great day girl!

Ashley Sloan

jenn (+ will) said...

you definitely need the polaroid! i got the wide format version and it is AWESOME!!!

Chelsea said...

This list owns.

I need that skirt. Or a cheaper copy, or something. So cute!

And girl. You've gotta get on the Pinterest train. So many good ideas on there. Ha ha. But maybe you are wise to resist.


Shalyn said...

Holy monkey- yellow is my FAVE! Those wedges and that chair MUST be mine!

PS. Would you send me the link to the chair? The one I clicked just sent me to the wedges again. I took it as a sign that I needed to buy the wedges but I still want to see that chair, ha

ashley.warner said...

those wedges are great.
and that skirt.
i've gotta have it.
we should tackle a sewing project.
i am dying to make/create a skirt.

love to dream :)

Becca said...

ahh! that skirt is so cute, one please. my wish list today would to be able to crawl into my bed and sleep for two days straight! hahaha

Jennifer said...

polaroid cameras are so cool. i've been crushing on them lately!

Kimber and Casey said...

yes, agreed on all those wants :)

.Candy. said...

in love with the yellow couch and that yellow modern clock!!!