Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Silver Rule

You've never heard of The Silver Rule?
[I just made it up]
That's weird, because it's even more important than the golden rule.
It's very famous.
It's been taught across oceans and seas and mountains for centuries!  
And here is goes:

With every person you can find a million reasons to either love them, or hate them. What you find, is very largely [99.99999999999999%] what you choose to see.

think about it.






[Sidenote] I would like to interrupt this very important broadcast for a very important public service announcment.

My husband comes home tonight! I will no longer feel widowed! I will have someone to scrub my back in the shower [never could quite reach], take out the trash, and hold my hand. Joy is me! [why hasn't that caught on yet?!] Only 5 hours until I get to pick him up from the airport and jump on him and wrap my legs around his waist. Notebook ocean scene action anyone? That's a regular occurance for us.

 Shouldn't have worn a dress today...


Gentri said...

Haha! Yay!! I'm very happy for you. :) and that is a very good rule. Thank you for inventing it.

Kaycie said...

Oh my gosh. AMEN, sister (to the silver rule, that is)!! And I also like your joy is me saying! Very nice.

Mariel Torres said...

love the silver rule! and those pictures are beautiful darling

Dana Richards said...

Congrats on husband coming home! Being away is the worst!

Megan and Justin said...

i love when husband comes home from being away! i just found your blog and you guys are adorable! following now :)

Courtney B said...

Yay!! I know that feeling :) I work out of town one week a month and when it's time to go home I get butterfly's and all sorts of excited! I love it :)

And YES! Please put my button up! I'd love that! Thank you SO much!

karajean said...

Congrats on getting your man back!Mine had to leave for ONE night and I turned into such a baby. I hated it. And I cried.

ashley.warner said...

oh you love birds. make me sick! heeheh just teasin you! I can tell you are so happy with your man!
make it count! :)

Gentri said...

Aw!! I am so sorry! I wish you could have won too!! I wish everyone could win giveaways! That's the not so fun part about them.

Danielle Hyatt said...

haha you are so cute! I'm happy your hunny is back! Had fun with you tho! we need to get together more often!!

Natalie said...

YAY for your husband being back! Cute pics of you guys...and thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comments!

Anonymous said...

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Shalyn said...

Love the rule! And love the photos- I HATE when my hubby leaves but give it a few years and it gets much easier:-)