Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm good at a lot of things

[that's debatable]
but forgiving myself, isn't one of them.
A few nights ago Clint told me I was an angel.
Naturally, this made me launch into explaining to him every bad thing I've ever done in my life.
I'm convinved I remember every punishment and time out I've ever gotten. 
Here's some highlights:

1) My parents asked me to brush my teeth and I really didn't want to. So I went into the bathroom, grabbed a hairbrush, and ran it across my teeth. Then I told them I "brushed" my teeth. [maybe I can get a point for being clever?]
Sidenote: remember how I went to the dentist recently? Well, I didn't take care of my teeth when I was young and now I'm paying for it. I have cavities. It could have partly been from all the meds and the stress of being a few days before our wedding, but after the dentist I cried to Clint about what a bad kid I was and how much I regret not brushing my teeth more. In case you are wondering, I brush my teeth constantly now.
2) In 1st grade I cheated on a spelling test. The word: crayon. My crayon box was on my desk. I mispelled it "Crayola." Lesson learned.
3) I used to peel off these sticky things on the crayon jar my mom made and put them on my nails. My mom asked where I got them. I told her "from a friend" and rationalized that my mom was my friend, so I wasn't really lying. 
4) In 4th grade during "silence time" the kid sitting next to me made fun of me for making my person's face red while coloring. I said "it's pink." I got in trouble, and had to flip my card. I sat on a bench during recess because I was so sad. I was sure my life was over.
5) In 2nd grade I got in trouble for talking during story time. I spent the rest of story time crying under a desk hoping no one would find me. I still remember feeling so bad that I was rude to my teacher.
6) While eating jell-o at the dinner table, I said it looked like blood. My mom said if I keep talking like that I'll get sent to my room. [I have three rugged older brothers. she was tired of her food being equated to blood and guts i'm sure.]
And there you have it! You can all go tell Clint now that I'm no angel. Can you believe that after telling him all that he still didn't believe me? That's because he's a nice boy.

Want to know what I really want to be a part of?
Anyone know how I can make my dream come true?

Also, help me decide on a shower curtain:

photo sources

psst...I'm way leaning towards the first, but I don't know if my husband will go for it ;) The 2nd one is a little boring dontcha think?
That is all :)


Collin&Tatum said...

uh, easy, top one! annnd I'm happy about your new header picture (is that what its called?) super cute! they all are!

Dana Richards said...

Haha I am incredibly impressed with your memory of elementary school, apparently I blocked all of that from my brain.

I also love the first shower curtain, but I know what it's like to have a husband who is scared of a flashy pattern. I think the second one is a pretty good compromise if he's into it. We definitely had to stand in the shower curtain aisle of Target for what felt like hours until my man was happy though... good luck!

Gentri said...

FIRST FIRST! GO WITH THE FIRST!!!! LOVE it! It's a lot happier. :) ANd those stories are so funny and so cute! I am the same way. Whenever I got into trouble I thought (and still do think this way) that the world was ending. haha!

Olivia Durelle said...

I love love love the first! Let your husband be in charge of decorating something else and then you'll be even. Haha

Caitlin said...

This post just made me laugh. You are too cute. And like everyone else, I think you should go with the first one! You could easily make it a little more manly by pulling out the more muted colors for towels, accessories, etc.

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

FIRST ONE FIRST ONE FIRST ONE! Seriously, I wish Matt had let me do the bathroom curtain picking... but he was feeling left out because I pretty much did the family room and kitchen and bedroom all by myself!

Anyway, I LOVE the header picture. We still haven't gotten our photos from the photographer yet and I AM DYING! You seriously looked so beautiful!

Anywho funny story about cheating. I remember cheating on a spelling test too in like 3rd grade and cheating off a boy who I thought was smart-- turns out he wasn't. lesson learned as well.

Katie said...

Oh my gosh! I got in trouble in 2nd grade for talking, too, and had to turn my card. I was traumatized. Hahaha.

Kaycie said...

I like the 1st for sure! Eh, ignore the husband. Haha I do that sometimes....

Get Craftlicious said...

As your home decor guru (self proclaimed haha!) you need to get the first one. Bathrooms are one of the only places in your house where you can use bright colors and get away with it not being obnoxious, because it's in a small space. When you have big bright pieces in larger rooms it's super overwhelming. Anyway, the first one, most def. Happy to see you happy!

Courtney B said...

Hahaha oooh I love this! When I had to brush my teeth I'd run my tooth brush under the water and make all the right noises...without the toothbrush actually touching my teeth :)
I still haven't decorated my bathrooms cute :( After 3 years of marriage. I just hate the idea of making it cute, then packing up and moving. So once we own a home I'm SO decorating our bathrooms as cute as I can :)