Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And the livins easy...

Did you know that it's Summer time!?
I love Summer.
I remember Summers when my biggest worry was trying to find someone to split my popsicle with. [did you guys have those as kids? The kinds with two sections.] I loved playing all day. I would spend 27 hours a day in our pool. My light blonde hair would turn lime green and believe it or not, my now fair skin was a dark shade of tan. Come to think of it, I turned into a funny looking kid every summer. I would not come out of the pool. Not even for a pony or princess fruit snack. If you've ever been a 5 year old girl, you know that's a big deal.

Summers are different for me now, especially now that I'm a wife. I look at Summer as a fresh new start. If you know anything about me, you know that means goal setting.

Goals for Summer:
Organize our disaster of an apartment. [I want EVERYTHING to have a place. with 600sq feet, that's a challenge]
Decorate our disaster of an apartment. [Since we're poor, I'm planning on getting creative. this means very (semi) interesting blog posts for you all!]
Learn to cook. Some of the things on my list: quinoa lasagna, soup, hummus, guacamole, sweet pork, refried beans, pizza, bread. [updates on that tomorrow]
Take dance! [Modern Jazz starts July 5th- Holla!]
Take Statistics [maybe. I haven't decided how high my ambitions are right now]
Go camping just me and the hubby
Work hard to build up a $avings to cushion us for the school year. [I have a set figure to reach]

That's all I have for now. Did you know that I'm so big of a goal freak I made my sweet husband set family goals with me on our honeymoon? Yep, we laid in bed on Sunday afternoon and made some goals for our own little family. Here's just a few.

Always kiss and say goodnight before bed.
Finish the Book of Mormon together before our first wedding anniversary.
Never come up with excuses to miss church. [side note: puking your guts out is a reason, not excuse, and is therefore acceptable]
Play with our kids! Have family nights every week.
Pray and read scriptures together every night.

That's just a few. We have more. We will keep them.

Some of you asked for more pictures. I am more than willing to oblige. I had to put in some umbrella ones too for Gentri ;) you're welcome.

Goal 5,904- make lots of friggin cute, blonde babies. You know it's gonna happen.
Okay, it's more like goal 8. 


Collin&Tatum said...

I love love love love love all of your darling wedding pictures! I keep coming back just HOPING you'll have some more up! Thanks for sharing :]

Gentri said...

I feel so special!! :D thank you very much for sticking those in for me. :) they are SOOooo cute! I'm glad there are rainboots too, I wondered if I had imagined that
Part, so I didn't say anything. Haha! But I LOVE these pictures! So so cute!!

Clint said...

8?!?! Haha since when??

Ramsey said...

LOOOving the pictures! I love that you guys had time to do so many different places and poses...these are priceless! You looked amazingly gorgeous {as if I doubted that you would..haha} if I haven't already told you yet! And Clint doesn't look bad himself! I love these goals. We need things like that sometimes to keep things in perspective. Can't wait to see what you come up with for apt decorating! Interior design is my second love. And finally, no, you didn't miss an engagement...yet. It's just a ring. Thank you for the birthday wishes girl! Y'all made me feel super special!

The Soul Anchor said...

I think you'll find that getting your apartment together will be one of the most rewarding "newlywed" experiences ever. It's so much fun to decorate your own place and call it "yours." Have fun and enjoy it!

allora said...

Okay so We haven't officially met, but i've been blog stalking you for a while now, and i just couldn't keep my mouth shut anymore... you are adorable! seriously. I think you are one of the loveliest ladies ever, and your positive attitude ALWAYS puts me in a good mood!! I just recently got married, so it's fun to read your stories and know that i'm not the only person who has loved every minute of this crazy new adventure!

Also. I have a KILLER recipie for Hummus. i just made some the other day and i was completely blown away by how fantastic it is. haha if you want to recipe you can email me at allora.davis@gmail.com

i blog over at mchardylife.blogspot.com just in case you want to learn morea bout this crazy girl who decided to leave a really long comment on your blog! haha

Best Wishes.

Kaycie said...

Bah!! I love your blog. Haha don't think that I'm a creeper, please. I just like reading what you write! Yay! Also, this comment is probably going to be as long if not longer than the one you just put on my blog :). I LOVE those twin popsicles. They've always been my favorite kind. And I definitely have some of those same goals! And... those wedding pics? STUNNING.

Monica Whitney said...

Your perfectly coiffed hair makes me jealous.

Ask the Duplex

Courtney B said...

Your dress is PERFECT! love love LOVE!!!