Thursday, June 9, 2011

What makes life so great:

Have you been outside today?
It's a beautiful day!
I don't care where you live. I bet you a gazillion dollars you could find something beautiful today. Maybe it's that the smog looks extra gray today and gray just happens to be your favorite color. Maybe it's that the tear flowing from your two year olds face makes a perfect drop shape. Maybe it's a smile from a stranger. Maybe it's the shape of the leaves on your neighbors tree.
There's something.
I promise.

Aside from the outside world, there are lots of other things that make today a beautiful day to be alive!
Here are some of my favorites today!
1) Music:

yeah, I have weird taste in music and I don't care who knows it.

2) Babies.

 (sorry, I'm not gonna bother turning it-haha)
You could argue with me all day that that's not the cutest kid you've seen but it would do you no good.
I know the truth.
I LOVE kids/babies.
They haven't learned to be judgemental, resentful, or dispiteful. For the large majority, they're kind, forgiving, and full of life! I love that about kids.

3) Color
Color is instant visual happiness to me.
Unless it's pink or purple. I'm not so fond of those colors.
Green, yellow and red are especially my favorites.
Adding color to anything and everything makes me so happy!

Think my husband will let me paint our walls that color?

4) Love.

Romantic "lovey dovey" or not, love is great.
All aspects.
Family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, animals, whatever.
It's enough to put a spring in your step and widen your smile.
It gives us the motivation to make a difference in someone's life. To be there for them. To nurture them. To give them a hand to help them up. Somehow, doing that makes us happy too. I'm fortunate to have so many in my life to love, and to be loved by.

5) Humor.

Laughing is the best medicine. The other day Clint and I were having one of those serious problem solving conversations. He had his retainer in and talked with a thick lisp. It made me laugh so hard I had to hide under the blankets. Never underestimate the power of laughter, especially with the ones you love. Something about it draws you closer. Clint and I prefer to do this about 100 times in a day. Heaven knows we're happy together. Seeing the humor in every day situations can make life even greater!

What would a blog post be 2.5 weeks after our wedding without some photos?!

One of my dreams is that Clint will learn to partner dance with me. You guys could leave some encouragement for him below ;)
This is my favorite kissy picture out of all of our wedding photos. I feel like you can see how much we love each other right down to our finger tips!
I am the world's biggest snuggle bug. Luckily Clint doesn't mind it...yet. ;)
The place that lets our love last forever!
The temple.


Dana Richards said...

First things first: I am also completely obsessed with yellow as well. I couldn't convince Keith to let me paint our room yellow but I did talk him into a yellow duvet cover. Start small :-)

And! I am also totally baby crazed right now. I'm not ready to have one, but I feel like I'm completely surrounded by them! So many of my friends are having babies right now and I wanna hold them all and take them home with me.

megan danielle said...

to clint: definitely, DEFINITELY learn how to partner dance!!! do it! i promise you wont regret it. i can hardly walk straight without tripping but my lovely boy taught me how to dance and its the most fun ive ever had with him :) just sayin...

Alexa Mae said...

You are amazing and I adore you. Your positivity and charm are so wonderful. You are gorgeous and you are right, there is ALWAYS something. Pinky swear.

Gentri said...

Go clint!! You can do it! :D dancing Is the best!

And keep those wedding pictures coming! They're all so cute! Did you pick a shower curtain?

Grace said...

Lovely pictures!

Ramsey said...

I was at a softball game last night thinking the same thing about all the sweet little nuggets running around. What blessings. They are just so innocent with their juice-stained chubby cheeks and dirty knees, grinning like there's no tomorrow. Makes me happy. And I will NEver tire of wedding pictures. They are the best. Especially because I love your colors. And Costco is symbolic of adulthood. We were discussing a membership at the market the other day saying that it would certainly make us official adults. The lady across from us found this highly humorous.

katielizabethawkes said...

OK if you like lovin spoonful and happy HAPPY music you need to tune in to their song, "daydream." that song just TICKLES me.

ashley.warner said...

love the photos.
you look so beautiful and are radiating happiness (the spirit) hehe
i love that you're both so in love!

Courtney B said...

Oh my GOSH!! I am LOOOOVING the pictures!! You two are the cutest ever! I love how in love you are :)