Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm just gonna say it.

I'm kind of mad at you.

It's true. You've kinda stolen something from me. I think it's maybe kind of a little bit rude. There you go. I didn't mean it, but I said it. [Dan in Real Life, anyone?]. You've stolen my favorite color. Yellow is my favorite color, okay? Remember how you used to ask me my favorite color and I would cheerfully say "yellow!" then you'd say how gross it was and how it made you want to barf and how yellow is the ugliest color. Don't deny it, I remember. You hated yellow. Then all of a sudden, all these cute things come out in yellow, and it's your favorite too. We both know the truth here. I'm not gonna lie, it is pretty awesome being able to buy a phone, pair of shoes, cutting board, and even nail polish in yellow. Only now, I don't like the idea that it's trendy. What was one out of the ordinary is now "just another yellow wedding".
Yellow isn't trendy.
That's just not yellow's style.
I would know- we have had a great, long lasting relationship. 
Yellow is happy, cheerful, full of life, and exciting.
and most of all,
Yellow is mine, okay?

By the way, we're in the teens people!
19 days til I get to wake up to that face every day! I know, I'm lucky!

How was your weekend? Mine was really great. Friday was spent working, hurting my back, watching my niece and nephew, and going to Clint's cousin's reception. Saturday was spent working, furniture (goodwill) shopping, and thrift store dancing. Whats that? Well it's when you're church puts on a fake prom and you have to wear clothes from thrift stores.  It's great fun! I'm not able to now, but I'll post pictures tomorrow!

"No act of Kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted" 


Sean and Deana said...

I have a long relationship with yellow as well :) It was the color for my wedding. But I'll share it with you haha. Yay! for being in the teens. Its so exciting how close it is :)

Courtney B said...

I don't think your wedding will be "just another yellow wedding" it's going to be beautiful and perfect! :) So excited for you guys!

Jennifer said...

Haha, i love this little yellow talk.

PS: I am so incredibly excited for you!!! I know your wedding will be so beautiful and you will make one gorgeous bride!

Gentri said...

I so know how you feel!!! I hate having something that's always been "your thing" suddenly show up everywhere. I won't even tell you that yellow is a favorite color of mine too... whoops. haha! I'm excited to see your wedding pics. It'll be beautiful and beautifully YOU!

Ramsey said...

I am so seriously excited for you guys! Can't wait for some wedding picture goodness! And I admit, I have jumped on the yellow and vintage bandwagon. But seriously, the thought of yellow makes me think country fairs and springtime...yummy!

Celeste G. said...

Whoa, I totally did a blog post about yellow today too! *Twilight Zone begins playing..*


Oh and P.S. The Word Verification for this comment? G-ness. Oh yes.

Gentri said...

I just had to comment again and tell you that your comment seriously made me laugh out loud!!! Not LOL, but LAUGH OUT LOUD! hahaha! Love it, and you! :)

ashley.warner said...

hooray for the days getting shorter and shorter! it'll be here before ya know it cute girl!

and yes, i've always loved yellow...but now its becoming a trenny hot mess, huh?

Ashley said...

Lots of yellow and I am loving it!!!! So so excited for you, you cute couple, you. :)

{Trulie Scrumptious} said...

yellow has been my favorite color my whole life! SO cute, you two make an adorable color. Just wanted to stop by and tell you we absolutely LOVE your blog!

Aleks said...

i so agree with you. i have had a small obsession since i was little. there was no way i was attending picture unless i had on yellow, i was NOT going to church unless my yellow bow was in my hair, and definitely not getting ready for bed unless i had my yellow blankey. my sister thought i was a nut, and now look. everyone wants yellow.

Monica Whitney said...

All this yellow is so happy.

Ask the Duplex

mary said...

YOU my dear, are going to be sunshiney and gorgeous at this yellow wedded affair! ENJOY the final countdown!!! xox!