Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I like to eat.

I believe in healthy food.
I also believe in delicious food.
The above pictured food was both healthy and delicious. 
apx 4 romain lettuce leaves
1 roma tomato
4 shredded baby carrots
about 1/2 can rinse black beans
1 spoonful jalepeno cilantro hummus. 
chop/shred/rinse everything. Place lettuce in bowl. Plop spoonful of hummus in and the stir until leaves are lightly coated. Add everything else, then eat. Tough, I know. It's also delicious if you eat it with a pita or wheat tortilla. Know what else is awesome? It's really filling. I normally hate eating salad because I never get full. I ate half of this and was stuffed! It also works awesome if you substitute the hummus for fresh salsa, or add in avocado and bell peppers. I know the picture looks gross but it was delish!

You know how sometimes crazy things happen to me? Well the other day I went into physical therapy especially in the afternoon because that is when the chiropractor is there. So I walk in on time for my appointment and he's just laying on one of the beds with his feet up watching TV. Didn't even greet me. I just sat there until his show was on commercial or whatever. Not the best first impression. Then the physical therapist comes over to start on my heat and stem. One of the techs start talking about how the chiropractor stole his lunch. Immature, but whatever. Then the chiropractor starts seriously bad talking his past patients and making fun of the overweight people who come in. The clinic also does metabolic weight loss. Then the topic comes up that I'm getting married and he starts bashing marriage and talking about relationships in a trashy, perverted way. So now I add dirty to his mental list of attributes I have going. Then while the physical therapist is working on my back, the chiropractor comes up behind him and starts poking him with this stick thing that shakes. Just like the way a little brother annoyingly pulls his sisters hair or pokes her. I was done. I did not want to be alone in a room with this dirty, immature, unprofessional (I could keep going) man. There were lots of other little things. And I wish I could remember exact things he said. But overall, the feeling he gave me was not good. I told the physical therapist I didn't want to see him any more. Am I just crazy? Would you let someone like that work on you?

As promised, here are the few pictures I have from the thrift store prom:
 Dinner before at Tia Rosa's, my FAVORITE.

Me and Britt throw down like no other.
That's a lie. Usually, yes. That night? no. I pulled some muscles in my back the day before and basically limited myself to head bobs. I looked so cool.

Random good song:

p.s. Is there ever a day when proactive isn't on sale?


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

MMm that looks good and it looks like you had a good time!

Gentri said...

Hahaha! I was wondering that exact thing about proactive the other day!!! Those pictures are fabulous! And u are totally right in leaving before that gross dr worked on u!! That's so sad.

ashley.warner said...

what a horrible thing to be said for him.
how unprofessional. I wonder if he loses clients/patients because of his idiodic-ness...yes, I just said that word.

you look darling, and OF COURSE you're wearing some sort of YELLOW :)

Ashley said...

LOVE that dancing pic. So cute. ;)

The Soul Anchor said...

Mmmmm I used to eat salads ALL the time, but fell out of the habit. Perhaps I should get back on the bandwagon with you.

The Soul Anchor said...

Mmmmm I used to eat salads ALL the time, but fell out of the habit. Perhaps I should get back on the bandwagon with you.

Katie Blacker said...

Thanks for your sweet comment. cute blog! And I love the header picture.

Courtney B said...

Oh my....CREEPER!! I wouldn't want to be alone with that man! That is so weird that he was so un-professional?!
Cute pictures..but I hope your back gets better asap so you can throw down ;)

Katie said...

I definitely wouldn't have gone back to that creepy guy, either. Good choice.

P.S. I was at that dance too! I didn't see you, though. It was super fun!

Ramsey said...

Oh my goodness...why don't I ever get invited to cool things like that??? Let me tell you right now, I would rock it better than they did in the 80s. And I love salad with beans. And hummus. So the combination sounds like heaven. And your creepo chiropractor sounds like a little pooper. I so wouldn't go back. Last time I went to the eye doctor, she made a comment about wanting to strangle the screaming baby in the lobby. I haven't been back to her sense. I'm sensitive about these things.