Saturday, April 30, 2011

Panic and Freak Out.

Go ahead.
You have my permission.
This is funny right? Thought so :)

Okay, now it's time to help me. I'm working on an "Instant Good Mood" cd.
Here's what I have so far:
Okay help me finish my CD! What are some of your favorite songs?

What are you guys doing this weekend? My weekend has been crazy. Ultra crazy. And I think I threw my back out yesterday or pulled some muscles at work. It was me and another girl lifting all the stuff it normally takes two boys to lift. I couldn't put my jeans on without having to lay on my bed first. Don't even ask me how long it took to get in and out of my car! My name is Alexis, and I'm 80 years old. I slept with a heating pad last night and I've taken a bunch of IBuprofen. Any suggestions?

Tonight, if my back isn't still screaming at me, me and Clint are goign to a Thrift Store Prom. We got his outfit yesterday, and It's BOMB. I hope he gets to wear it! My timing with sickness/injuries is always the worst. What are you doing this weekend? Hope it's fabulous! 


Melissa Stevens said...

Love those songs!! Sense I work for a chiropractor, I can only suggest to go to a chiropractor! haha.

Mrs. C said...

I feel you! Now that I have a 4 month old stuck to my hip like a little back feels awful! Forget the heating pad, its time for a massage! =)

Have a great weekend.

Gentri said...

hahaha! That picture is HILARIOUS! Happy songs: The Tangled ending credits song- Something That I Want, Brooke Fraser's- Something In The Water, Lenka's- Heart Skips A Beat. :D Let me know if you like those!

Kristalyn said...

Alexis, you and Clint are just so cute!!! And the big day is coming so soon! I am so excited for you!!! :) Also, very cute announcements!! :)

ashley.warner said...

what is thrift store prom?!

you have inspired me to create a good mood cd too :)
I love all your songs my dear.

i think you should include some of the 90's rap songs too ;)

katielizabethawkes said...

dude, that happened to my back twice last year. one time i had just woken up and rolled over to grab my phone off the floor and BAM....such terrible pain. i laid around on the floor/couch like a lump of....something...for an entire day. it's like none of your body parts can function independently from your back, huh?? I wish i had good recommendations besides heating pads and pain killers but that's all i some empathy...

Nik and Dawna said...

A Whole New World - I catch myself randomly singing it all the time. In fact...last night as I was putting my shoes away I was singing it...out loud! Don't know why but I just do!
Good pick!!!!!

Becca said...

hahaha love all these.

Anonymous said...

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