Thursday, April 14, 2011


How it's been forever since I've updated you guys on stuff? It's about to change!

My birthday was a few weeks ago. Since I worked on my birthday, we celebrated it the weekend before. First, Brittany and I did our typical Friday baptisms. It's become our tradition to go to goodwill afterwards.

 Those shoes don't look that big, but let's just say they belong by a pole. They were a good 5 maybe 6 inches tall. I dared her to try them on. It took some convincing. For payback, I had to try these on:

I was pretty excited to try them on. I promise, they're grosser in person. Next we got ice cream:
Mine is the one that looks like a 5 year old's, with gummy bears and M&Ms :)

That night, Clint took me to my favorite restaurant, Tia Rosa!! Next we went to see Body Worlds.
It's at the Science Center until May. I HIGHLY recommend going. It was awesome. It was so amazing to see everything and the miracle that our bodies are.

Here's my future baby daddy with my nephew. Aren't they handsome! I love him. Last night I was having some pretty intense girl pains. I texted Clint from work and told him all I wanted was gummy bears, dr pepper, and chocolate for dinner. After I'm off work, at 10pm, he shows up at my house with DP, gummy bears, and chocolate. I still didn't have much of an appetite so I didn't have much, but you better believe that's what I ate for dinner. Do you guys realize that I only have about a month as an unmarried woman!? Oh, guess what! Want to know how big of a doofus I am? I ordered 500 wedding invites, and didn't put our registry on them. We're already running so behind, but I had to call the invitation place and order little cards to insert into them. I'm loosin my marbles! 


just a girl named ashley said...

totally love it!

Megan said...

Yikes! At least you realized that before you got them or sent them!!

I love seeing my husband with a baby. Sigh.

Gentri said...

Oh goodness, haha! I'm glad you were able to get it all straightened out first! :) I LOVE coldstone!! And guess what, clogs are totally in again! Maybe not THOSE ones... haha!

angela hardison said...

so exciting that your wedding is coming up so soon! good luck with all the planning.

body worlds is so cool/fascinating.

Amy lee & Timothy said...

ok seriously we did that too. So we had to do inserts for our registry, inserts for the people invited to the sealing session/luncheon, inserts for my family (not mormon) invited to be outside the temple/luncheon, and inserts for the ring ceremony. It was seriously like confetti when people opened the invitations. hey, FIESTA! good luck with everything!

brittany said...

hahaha so much fun!!!!! love the pics:)love you:)