Friday, April 15, 2011

I dare you

To listen to these songs and try to be in a bad mood.

Didn't think you could do it. You probably wouldn't guess by my vampire satus white skin, blonde hair and seemingly "clean cut" appearance, but I am a huge fan of 90s rap.
I realize some of you will judge me. That okay. Gotta stay true to my colors, even if it's not on the outside. I'm an "uh-oh" oreo. Chocolate filling on the inside baby. After one of my dance concerts in high school, I was in more of a hard core hip hop dance. After the concert all my dad says is
 "I didn't know you were black!"
Never cease to amaze daddy-o!
When I was little I seriously thought I was born in the wrong time period. I was super attracted to 50s and 60s music and style. You mean girls have to wear all the time? How wrong I was! I'm getting really excited for the reception basically because I can play whatever music I want and no one can tell me it's not okay. Unless your name is Clint, in which case we will compromise. If you will be in attendance, you best believing you'll be hearing some will smith, busta rhymes, LL cool J, backstreet boys (not rap, but definitely 90s), and MC hammer. What can I say? I'm a party starter.
Oh look, I just made you guys a weekend sound track! You are so welcome! What am I doing this weekend you ask? Well, tonight I am planning a date for my man. It's sweet, and fun, and perfect. I'm so excited. It's a surprise. Want to guess with him? It includes children, gummy bears, and blankets. I'll let you guys in on the rest of the secrets later. What else? Saturday is my bridal shower! I'm so excited! Then we're spending some time with Clint's family, then spending some time with my married siblings to get Clint's hairs cut! Sunday is super busy for us, meetings all day and some pictures to top it off! Basically, I've got a pretty good life. I'm so thankful for such a great guy to be at my side through it all. 

Never let a day be ordinary. 


Alexa Mae said...

How could anybody be in a bad mood after jammin out to those? Talk about nostalgia. I'm gettin' down to these allllll weekend.

Gentri said...

I love Will Smith!! Haha! Who doesn't though?

andy & lo said...

hahaha confession: this girl ONLY gets down to rap at the gym.
that's the only thing that gets me moving.
a little salt n peppa never hurt anyone either. ha. love 90's rap.

Becca said...

holla girl! hahahah it's like sixth and seventh grade all over again! luh dat ghetto 90's.

Amy lee & Timothy said...

Seriously, 90s rap is the only rap. Bust a move is one of my favorite songs EVER.

ashley.warner said...

"give it up for naughty by natureeeeeeee"
I LOVEEEEEEEEE these songs and they made my day! :) I too love myself some 90's rap. It's so lovely hehehe

love you pretty lady!

Megan said...

Ahhhh, fresh prince! Every time that song comes on when I'm watching it on tv I totally jam to it as if I'm P. Diddy.