Monday, March 28, 2011

I was born today!

That's right, today is the day of my birth! My mom said today I was born at like 11:45a.m. Just in time for lunch! Typical.

I spent my birthday with a sick 3 year old and a one month old trying to run errands. Not the best combination if you can ever avoid it. It was still super fun though! Got a swimsuit cover for the honeymoon and went to lunch with my mom, the little people, and my sister. I would have loved to have the day off, but since I just missed THREE weeks of work, I can't afford any more time off. I got lots of calls, texts, and facebook messages wishing me a happy birthday. Thank you friends!

 What the? How did those get there? Not gonna lie, we are such a fun couple. Don't these pictures make you want to be our friends? Point in case.

What was I saying? Right, birthday. So I'm 21 today. Since I don't drink, I'm going to celebrate with telling you 21 "great" things about myself. By great I just mean random things that pop into my head, good and bad. You can talk about yourself on your birthday and not have it count as vanity right?

1) my socks never ever ever match. on purpose.
2) ever seen those snickers commercials with how the people turn into someone else when they're hungry? totally like that. haven't seen it? watch this.

3) I thoroughly believe in compliments and don't think they should be held back. When I think it, I give it.
4) I have always dreamed of going to Italy. I told Clint if he really wanted to marry me he was going to have to take me there sometime between and now and when I'm 6 feet under.
5) About two months later, I am still totally in love with my engagement ring. And the boy.
6) I never knew relationships could be so easy (not that it's perfect) and so rewarding and so much fun until I met Clint.
7) I could not be more excited to be a mom but I'm paranoid I won't be good enough. I'm paranoid I wont be good enough at a lot of things actually.
8) I believe both in the healing power of nutrition and the happiness power of treats.
9) I feel complete bliss when I'm dancing.
10) Snakes give me nightmares.
11) I lack the necessary aggression to be successful in the business world, although I almost did marketing.
12) I need constant words of validation.
13) I'm too sensitive to criticism.
14) I hate make up and fixing my hair.
15) I can't really raise my eyebrows or whistle
16) I see good in everyone and I wish I could be friends with everyone in the whole wide world!
17) Music can completely change my mood.
18) I really love eating delicious food.
19) I hate talking on the phone. And texting. But I'm a social butterfly in real life.
20) I love to create things, whether or not I'm good at it.
21) I believe in Christ!

There you have it, 21 random things about me. That's about 21 more than you wanted to know right? You try thinking of 21 things in 5 seconds flat. 

So there you have it friends. Be nice to people. Give a compliment or two. Eat some cake and some broccoli too. Mismatch your clothes and go without make up! Avoid snakes and dance to some happy music!


Alexa Mae said...

Yay!! Happy Birthday to you!!!
You two are seriously so darling.
I loved the 21 things about you. Music changes my mood too...whether it be good to bad or bad to good. haha
Have a great day you beautiful girl!

Becca said...

i LOVE those snickers commercials, especially the ones with betty white. happy birthday lady, those pictures are great you guys are beautiful.

Ramsey said...

Happy birthday!!!! Your engagements are gorgeous! So sorry to hear about everything you've been through. Prayers! Can't wait to see your wedding pictures beautiful!

A Chic Critique said...

These are precious pictures! I absolutely love the photography and lighting. It looks like you two are having so much fun. :) I came across your blog through Ramsey's - I'm so glad I did! Annie @