Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hey guys!

I have good news! 

Clint and I just got hired to be models!
Well, part time models to be exact. 
They told us we should probably keep our day jobs. 
That was a joke. These are our engagement pictures. Nod your head and smile. This blog may be bombarded with them throughout the week because we have a billion and just can't decide which ones to use for our announcements. Your help is both appreciated, and required. If you refuse to participate, I will find you and give your paws a little love smack, for your own good. We both don't want that.  
 I went to church today. Did you go to church? It was fabulous! I laughed, I cried. Seriously though. I had a sweet friend who was investigating come! It made it extra special. I love Jesus!
 Tomorrow is MY birthday, just so we're clear. Not lady Gaga's. Women who wear such outfits get birthday privileges revoked. It's in the birthday manual. BTW, will post about birthday festivities soon! It includes dead bodies and of course, Mexican food.
 That's not my blonde arm hair glowing, fyi. I'm actually an angel, sent here to dance, hold babies, eat Mexican food, and spend every spare second with this handsome man.
In all seriousness, I am completely 100% madly in love with this boy. Our relationship is so mutually supportive and loving, I'm convinced there isn't a better one in this entire planet. He is my prince. The boy I have waited for since I was just a little girl, only way better than I could have dreamed of then.


MONICA said...

I like them all.....but the 4th one down is especially awesome:)

Ashley Slater said...

these are great pics! I love them all- 2nd & 4th one are my faves!

Trevor & Alyssa said...

Alexis! I love them all!!! My favorite is the second and last picture on this blog post!! The second on is by far my favorite out of all of them!! I love it!!

Collin&Tatum said...

I love love love love love your new header-top-of-the-page-liner-whatever-it's-called picture! So cute!

Ashley@Divorced&21 said...


Andrea said...

Gorgeous photos! Good luck picking a favorite -I had the same problem:)

Ruth Ann said...

I love the one situated between "That was a joke." and "I went to church today." They're all beautiful, but that would be stunning on an announcement. You both are so perfect and it shows both of your beautiful eyes and pearly-whites. The second one is very tender, but I personally don't care much for smooshy announcement pictures. Clint looks precious in that one. It portrays his gentleness.