Thursday, February 17, 2011


My life is really needing some miracles right now. If the following things happen, I'll know miracles exist.

1) I will pass biochemistry. My current plan is to buy a tape recorer and play back his lectures a billion times until I have them memorized. I also have a one on one review session with my professor Monday. Maybe if I fill out my bubble sheet with tears I'll get sympathy points.
2) People will like [tolerate] my wedding ideas. I had no idea people would have so many opinions on my wedding. I figured they'd know it's what I wanted and be supportive. Everyone wants polar opposites. It's impossible to please everyone. If I could get a positive comment or SOMETHING, that would be awesome.
3) I will get over this massive head cold without having to miss any more work or school! Seriously, this is getting old. I can't even sleep because I can't breathe!
4) May 22nd will roll around and Clint and I will be married with no injuries to ourselves or loved ones. There's a lot of junk to do until then. Gotta keep my eye on the prize (Clint)!!
5) My best friend Brittany and I will magically get free tickets to the backstreet boys concert this summer. So sue me, we have really great taste in music. There would be lots of fun to be had.
6) I won't lose or gain any weight before the wedding. I know, I'm probably the first girl in history who hasn't wanted to lose weight for their wedding. BUT, my dress fits like it was made for me! I rather save the $150 on alterations.

Oh, and to share some lovelies, miracles DO exist.

1) Uh, I found a dress! Since we're on such a time crunch we didn't have time to order one. The one I fell in love with was off the maniquin! Size 4, only one they had or have had! It fit perfect!!
2) We found a venue, this late in the game, for an AMAZING price. Seriously, it was like a 4th the cost of all the other 4 and 5K ones around the valley! re-donk-u-lous! Oh, and it's going to cost less then it would to decorate the church buildings, which were also already booked!
3) We found a GREAT photographer. Again, for a fraction of the cost of others!  
4) Clint still loves me! We've been really good at communicating and figuring out what we want! Lucky for me, Clint supports 99% of my plans! But he will tell me if he hates it or has an idea :)

Now, back to biochem. Wish me luck.


Ailinh Harris said...

Good luck with biochem! I hear it's pretty torturous. And yay for finding a dress! Another relief off the shoulders, huh! :)

brittany said...

1) if you made it through o-chem you can make it through anything! i have faith in you!
2)how can people not like you're wedding ideas? you have great taste! as long as im not in a neon dress with shoulder pads or something then i will love everything about the wedding :)
3)i didnt know you were sick im so sorry! let me know if clint isnt taking care of you properly and ill be right over lol
4)like i said, best birthday present ever!
5) how awesome would that be! seriously! im gonna look into and see if they are doing any raido deals or student discounts:)
6)if you start losing weight dont worry...ill be there for you with some dr pepper

i love you! you're dress is gorgeous! you're gonna be one beautiful bride-clint is a lucky man ;)

Ramsey said...

Congratulations girlie! Sounds like fun!

Jennifer said...

Seriously...sometimes I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying "Excuse me (insert relative here), is this your wedding? Didn't think so!" You'll get through it though.

Oh, and we got married on May 22! It's a perfect day to get married if I do say so myself!

Good luck with everything girlie!

Shalyn said...

Ugh, Biochem- does not sounds like fun! I am sure you will do GREAT on your test!

Sorry people are trying to butt into your wedding, that is the worst! Just remember that when you look back on your wedding in years, you will want to remember that you did it YOUR way! I regret that with mine!