Monday, February 14, 2011

It must be love

People say that Valentine's day is dumb because you should express your love everday. Agreed. However, I'm in support of this lovely holiday. We need reminders. We need reminders to be more Christ like (Christmas), reminders to appreciate our parents (Mother's and Father's day), reminders to appreciate our country (4th of July) and reminders to have goals (new years). I think Valentine's day is awesome!

In celebration, here are fourteen reasons why I am absolutely in love with my Valentine.

1) His good looks. This isn't really the number one reason, although it is obvious. When we had first started dating, he asked how he got so lucky and how I chose him over all the other guys pursuing me. I told him I chose him because he was the best looking one. I was totally kidding. No I wasn't. Yes I was. Nope....

2) He is attentive to my needs. He's always so sweet and takes care of me when I'm tired, sleepy, or just plain grumpy. He always makes me feel so much better.

3) He is so smart. Mechanical Engineering? Holla!

4) He has a testimony of the Gospel. He is a follower of Christ and it shows in everything he does.

5) He always tries to assume the best about people

6) He gets my sense of humor. We laugh constantly together.

7) He listens to me. He's so sweet when I'm sad. I mentioned to him once that I've always wanted to go to As You Wish and never have. He took me for Valentines day! I almost cried when he told me where we were going! I don't know if you understand how badly I have wanted to go!

8) He's logical. I'm the creative one, he is the logical one. We fit perfect.

9) He loves kids and will make such an excellent father.

10) He's patient and really has a love for those he comes in contact with.

11) He's so focused and diligent. With everything. You know he will follow through on what he tells you. He always has the end in sight.

12) He is so genuine. I know when he tells me something that he means it.

13) He always tells me I'm beautiful. And other compliments too. That's important to me. I need verbal validation. A small compliment can make my whole day.

14) I wish Valentine's was on the 28th so I could list more reasons. I love how committed he is to me. I know he is willing to sacrifice for my well-being. He has a loyalty that is incomparable. I know we will be together forever.

Basically, I love Clint and I can't wait to be his wife.


Clint said...

Wow that is a great list babe! Thank you so much for everything you said about me! you are the best girlfriend, wait, fiance and valentine EVER!!! ;)

Ramsey said...

This is the gosh darn adorable!

Nicole... given said...

aww love number 4

ashley.warner said...

awwww! how sweet!
I love LOVE!
isn't it just so great!
Congrats again on the engagement!

Courtney B said...

Such a SWEET post!! You and your valentine are going to make one good lookin' married couple :) Seriously you are gorgeous! Congrats on being engaged!

Ruth Ann said...

Wow, that's beautiful. The first day you and I met I told you that Clint was a really good person. You put into words the very meaning I intended. You see the characteristics I was talking about. That's what kind of girl I wanted him to have--one who could really appreciate all his fine, sweet details. One who saw the true-blue pure heart that he has.

katielizabethawkes said...

i really loved this post, even though i don't know you or your fiance in real life. how delightful.