Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hello there.

We have been engaged now for ten days. ten days.
Are you sure that's it?
I can't remember a time when we weren't engaged. It feels like we've been engaged for FOREVER! I originally didn't like that our engagement was so short and that we had so little time to plan, but now I wish it was way shorter! From today, we have 12 weeks. 12 weeks!
You know you want them, here are some updates.
I bought my dress!!! It looks sort of similar to the one in the picture! I couldn't show you the actual picture. I have to leave SOME surprises. The neckline and bodice of the dress is very similar but it rouches around the waist and then has some ruffles and a princess shape to it. I am absolutely in LOVE with it. I look at the picture I took of it every day....multiple times. It's sort of a mircale I found such an amazing dress. With such a time limit, I didn't have much time to order one or look around much. I wish I could wear it every day. I'm currently brainstorming more places to wear it. Hit me up if you've got some ideas.

For the venue, we are stuck! We found two places at two amazing prices! Both under $900! I know, I couldn't believe it either. We could not find another place under like $3800, which is so not cool. We're trying to decide between the Trailhead in Las Sendas:

 Or 12 West Main. I can't get any photos off their site, so you'll have to click on the link. 12 West is slightly cheaper, but not by a whole lot.

Both are incredibly beautiful! It's a dream come true! My colors are green, yellow, and gray. The shades are hard to explain. For food at the reception we're thinking of doing some different salads. A house salad, pasta salad, fruit salad, and some rolls. I'm loving this whole planning thing! This is so me! I love planning events and being creative! Figuring out how to work the money and everything that goes into it so it all works together. Maybe I should be a wedding planner, but probably not.

Last night me and Clint worked an event in Scottsdale for our hot date. We know how to party right? After we went to this awesome Sub place called Silver Mine Subs. Anyone ever been there? AMAZING! We both got a huge sandwich (turkey, bacon, ranch, lettuce, provolone, tomatoe, avacado on freash wheat bread- mine was minus the ranch and bacon, cute out some fat), a side, and a drink for $8.30! We have a coupon for buy one get one. Those entertainment books are awesome. I would HIGHLY reccomend buying one. You can order one online here. Oh, and lucky you. I just looked and they're on SALE! They also sell them at Walgreens. Do it. Now. Going out will literally cost half as much.

After work and dinner, me and Clint went to Walmart. Sometimes I forget we're not married. Oh wait, we do still need to buy two tubes of toothpaste. He just moved into a new place with a fairly newly wed couple, just until we get MARRIED in 3 months! They bought a foreclosed house so we had to go buy towels, shower curtains, all that stuff he needed for his room and his bathroom. I home just after 10:30. We're gonna be so good at being 80.

My nephew is almost here!! This will be my first nephew and I couldn't be more excited! I am already so in love with him, although I cant see how I'll love him more than my niece. I believe her due date is Monday and if she hasn't delivered within a week, they'll induce her. So for sure in about a week we'll have a new baby to the family! Being an aunt is the best. Really, you should all try it.

I think I might have had one of those moments where I realize what I want to do. Do you know what those are called? I can't remember. So I swore I would never work in a hospital as a dietician. I wanted to do private consulting, maybe work with WIC, referrals from doctors. I still would love to do that, only now I'm not totally opposed to working in a hospital. Yes, they get paid less, but what I'm learning right now is awesome! We're learning to calculate tube feedings! Isn't that so cool?!?! [you don't have to answer] Nutrition can REALLY make a difference in a burn patient, for example. They have lots of fluid and protein needs. I think it's super cool, personally.

There you have it, my not so exciting update! Exciting updates take pictures, which take more time, and are not as easily done at work. You're gonna have to wait. :)

"Never have an ordinary day. Always be on top of the world!"
Elder L Tom Perry


Trevor & Alyssa said...

love this! :) I seriously cannot wait for your wedding day... It is going to be one big party!!! ahh!!

Ashley said...

CONGRATS GIRLLL!!!!!! sooo fun! our engagement seemed like it lasted forever!!!!! dont worry, it will come. I LOVE YOUR STORY ABOUT THE HOMELESS MAN.... im going to do a special post on it... that is the best thing ive ever heard. props to you!!!!!

Ramsey said...

Hehe...we are old people too! For sure! I am in mad love with that dress! I love the lace and the style...gorgeous!!

Erica said...

That dress is gorgeous! I can't believe you've only been engaged for 10 days and already have your dress! You are so on top of things.

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